Daily Discussion Thread – 7/5/17

Welcome to today’s daily discussion thread. We’ve got a bunch cookin’ post 4th of July (be sure to check out JT’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest piece), including podcast #1,250 on the Place to Be Nation Wrestling feed. Listen, comment, and talk about whatever here!

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    1. It’s the first PPV since WrestleMania that I’ve actually looked forward to. Joe vs Brock has been very well built and gotten me excited. I’ve said this before, RAW is doing some of the things that made Smackdown successful early on in the brand split. There is finally clear direction up and down the card.

          1. It’ll be a good piece to facilitate discussion the following morning, versus the live discussion as the show goes on. Our comments are great. We have the best comments. It’ll be fine.

  1. NXT #400 is tonight – Roode vs. Strong. I’m checking out the Last Woman Standing Match from last week right now and will share some thoughts.

    1. Very interested in your thoughts on LWS because I thought it was very good and the best NXT women’s match since Bayley-Sasha Iron Woman Match in 2015.

      1. I like that they start with a lot of aggression given the stakes and that helps a little when they go into the standard LMS trope of counting for everything fairly early. But at least the moves are count-worthy, which cannot always be said when they’ve done matches like this. I thought the production was really good here too, good camera angles to make stuff look stiffer. I think it can certainly be said that Nikki’s offense was a lot more interesting, starting with the reverse DDT on the apron and that snap back suplex on the chairs after taking a hair toss off the turnbuckle. I also liked that Nikki wouldn’t just sit around during the count; even after the four swinging fishermen busters (Cross rhodes), she’s going for the belt, not convinced she’ll get 10. Asuka does take a lot of damage here, which felt off – and the powerbomb onto the chairs was really sick because Nikki just dropped her so she couldn’t bump normally. But it’s a weird transition there, Asuka is up at 9 and then just takes over, leading to a very lame hip attack off the ramp – which seemed like such a tame response to all the carnage. And then from there its more Nikki, like the rail assisted swinging neckbreaker to the mat; she was just much more creative in this match. I liked the finish setup as you don’t think about the announcer’s table with how they worked it, and Asuka barely survives. ****

      2. I’d agree with you on it being the best since the Iron Woman match. I don’t typically watch their TV so i may be discounting something, but certainly liked it more than the Bayley matches.

  2. Finishing up RAW. Liked Miz-Heath Slater a lot. Here’s an interesting question for all of you. Is Miz the Wrestler of the Year so far? Looking at the WWE calendar year, so since WrestleMania?

  3. Looking at all the Luger pics the last feel days, I would absolutely cheer those segments more now than I did as a kid.

  4. Continuing my June 2000 watching and really liked Hardcore Holly vs HHH from Heat. HHH in 2000 did well in working to his opponents strengths as far as being a base for Taka or the stiffness of Holly.

    1. Interesting, I devoured 2000 WWF but I must have been home from college and didn’t have access. I have never seen this. I need to get that sorted out.

          1. When we do our 30 for 30, that will be a big dramatic part with piano music playing underneath for sure.

          2. Can feature me driving in my car listening to Nirvana and glaring into traffic as b-roll.

            Which would be historically accurate.

  5. Watching the 3/19/90 MSG house show. After opening with Hercules vs. Black Bart they followed with Koko B. Ware vs. Frenchy Martin. Good lord.

  6. I watched Cody/Okada with the Japanese commentary (i had initially fallen asleep until the last 6 minutes – which coincidentally were the best, so that was an odd revelation on re-watch). Here are my notes:

    I liked the build and atmosphere for this and because of the built-in drama of Cody being ROH champ (and his status in general) + this being on US soil, there was heightened talk of a title change. So that was really cool “pit of the stomach” thing in watching to see how things played out. Okada gets a monster pop!

    The match, for me, completely kicks into top NJPW gear when Okada starts laying in the forearms and does that extended stomp in the corner. Prior to that, there was a lot I wasn’t particularly feeling. Cody’s mistiming around the guardrail dive, where he goes back to Okada on the apron and then walks himself back out and climbs over the rail is quite possibly the WORST sequence I have ever seen in a pro wrestling match. His work on top with Okada was uninspiring and Okada has to sell like death after taking a crappy front suplex. And then Okada has to kick out at two after being kicked in the freakin’ arm. Way too many cover attempts in this one, which completely stilt the drama and flow. To counter some of those negatives, the power slam by Cody was nice, and the top rope arm drag was well done. I liked the idea of countering the disaster kick into a flapjack, but it looked like shit. Inverted neck breaker into a Rainmaker pose is reversed into a leg lock that had no setup by Cody. Good selling by Okada, but there was just nothing that built to this being meaningful.

    Back to the good stretch now, Okada ratchets things up with the drop kick and tombstone and then moves into the short arm lariats with the wrist grab (the Japanese announcers do call these Rainmakers fwiw, but i feel like the final one is the REAL one here). Now comes the Omega drama, which does heighten watching live. Good sequences set up each guy stealing each other’s finish – it’s like WWF 2001! So that US trope happens. Okada’s counter with the knee into his own cross rhodes is sweet, and it looks like Cody has no idea which way he’s going to be twisted and it comes off stiff. They go from these big spots to a weird sequence where Okada kind of breaks cross rhodes so Cody just picks him up into a reverse DDT driver of sorts that gets NO reaction on the kickout (and again with the kickouts and ruining the flow). They should done that before the finisher stealing.

    Another counter sequence is mistimed so Okada seemingly shoot picks up Cody and does a spinning jumping tombstone -> Rain Maker – and done. I rarely criticize a match for starting slow (because long matches have to start somewhere), but the work in that part was just dreadful. Good last 6 minutes or so. ***

  7. Listening to the pod blast with Christian, I think he was going to get the title from
    Edge that summer if edge hadn’t retired. There was vague hints of him wanting the title. I think he is 50-60 imo that came in to his own after the brand extension.

  8. I feel like we should be watching something. I’m terrible at making suggestions.

    This is where a random content generator would be amazing on the Network.

          1. Ha, is what it is… not a competition, just wanted to a place to house our larger community… everything takes time.

          2. I think Sunday for great balls of fire should have a good amount of people on here. Also with bigger sports events like next weeks all star game and home run derby should be good.

          3. Agreed, always takes a while to build up the camaraderie and habit of checking in and talking. Long haul… I know I am loving this so far.

          4. Doing a quiz for school so decided to turn this on a bit late, but man match # 2 – IRS vs. Sheik

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