Daily Discussion Thread 7/4/17

Here is your Fourth of July (slash Tuesday if you’re outside the US) discussion thread! Talk about what you’re doing, what you’re watching, what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling.

Since this is Tuesday, Brian has your Raw recap for the week!

Also check out JT’s thrilling recount of last year’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest to whet your appetite for his upcoming breakdown of this year’s! Will history be made again?

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  1. For the vacation day, it’s time for some SmackDown vs Raw 2007 GM Mode Shenanigans. Previously I decided to give into the natural entropy of the universe, cut down my roster to six people, and declare it The Heat Death of Monday Night Raw. This experiment has not been as fun as I’d hoped.

    Next I think I’ll hire all of the least popular people and see what kind of roster I can cobble together. There’ll be lots of Carlito/Kennedy/Snitsky matches in Raw’s future.

    1. Congrats Matt!

      I had a feeling Miami wouldn’t land him. Wade leaving the way he did kind of poisoned the well with FAs wanting to play down here.

    2. Seems likely they are scrambling because he didn’t tell the jazz yet.

      If he renegs Ainge clinches worse NBA exec of the year in July

          1. They need a rim protector in the worst way. Problem is, no one wants to give up a young one and the older ones are high-priced and break down easy.

  2. I have some Boston Celtics questions :

    Where do you guys think Olynk lands? (Sp)

    Where do Brown and Tatum play/fit with Hayward getting 32 million for next four years ?

    Tatum looked good last night, but it’s pretty embarrassing that Brown is playing in the Utah summer league, right?

    1. Brown requested to play in the Summer League. The team did not want him there.

      I think they go small and Brown plays the 4. You can run IT/Hayward/Tatum/Brown/Horford going forward, probably starting next season. I think Bradley or Crowder get traded this week TBH.

      As far as Olynyk, Indiana could use him.

        1. They won’t be able to afford to pay Smart and Bradley. I liked Bradley but he is guaranteed to miss 10-15 games per season. Smart frustrates me but did have a good playoff.

          1. If I am a fan of a middling team (Wait, I AM!) Marcus Smart with more room to expand his game is a great idea. Or he could be the next Lance Stephenson, and that’s not a compliment.

          2. A team out West could use Smart to frustrate the top guards in the conference.

          3. All top teams end up dealing with this when you max a couple guys , but Celtics have role players that have legit upside being top picks .

          4. Bradley is also a slightly better defensive guard (although Smart has a lot of tricks in his bag when it comes to drawing fouls) and Bradley can lead a team. Smart has to prove he can lead a team.

          5. Yes but Smart and Bradley as your starting backcourt without IT doesn’t work either because their FG percentage as starters would be atrociously bad. Smart is feast or famine.

        1. Crowder’s contract is going nowhere, it is too valuable versus Crowder’s actual level of play.

          The likely one to be moved is Marcus Smart since he will be a restricted free agent next year and they won’t have the money for him because they have to pay to keep Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley (unless the C’s decide to part with either of them instead)

          1. There isnt much, sadly. But their only bigs are Horford, Theis and Zizic. And the last two did not even play in the league last season. You have to get help there.

          2. And the Hayward signing also means that they have to punt on bringing over Yabusele (who is more a finesse big anyway). You make a good point about Zizic having to step in immediately, though. Ainge really liked him and always had the intention of bringing him over this year.

          3. Zizic probably has to give you 10-15 a night off the bench at this point. I have no idea about Theis but people are high on Zizic as a rebounder.

          4. You basically have to fish for minimum deals such Adreian Payne, Donatas Montiejunas, or even the above mentioned Mo Speights. There are some contracts teams are ready to dump to save their own space that the Celtics can take on such as Cole Aldrich or Spencer Hawes, and because those two only have one year left, it would not be the worst option to do that and trade away one of their 34 second round picks.

          5. They can pick up minimum vets purely for rebounding such as Dewayne Dedmon, Mo Speights, or even the just waived Steven Zimmerman. The Celts are in a position where they absolutely have to cut contracts on the current roster to get Hayward to fit his salary in, so goodbye also to Jonas Jerebko. The shame of it is that a lot of the guys Boston has to cut were very good fits for what their role was. The challenge for Brad Stevens is to recalibrate that with new role players.

            I will also mention, though, that Jaylen Brown rebounded well in the playoffs and Tatum was a solid rebounder (while not a rim protector) at Duke.

      1. Tks – yeah it seemed odd as why would they waste minutes on him there when they know what they’ve got. But he got a lot of run last night, at the expense of others. Seemed weird.

      2. That is seconded regarding Brown. In fact, judging by the first two games of Summer League, Brown should just go ahead and shut it down in Utah because he is that much better than the jabronis he is up against. He will no doubt be considered the MVP or First Team for that particular SL, which hilariously does exist.

  3. Hey everyone, Andrew from the NBA-Team back for all of your questions. Now that Hurricane Hayward has finally made landfall, it seemed like a good time to hop on and get into the skinny of all the deals from the past few days in the NBA!

    1. I really like George Hill in Sac. He’s somehow only 26/27 right? Feel like he could really lead that young core.

      I really liked their draft too – grabbing injured upside guys. Is my man Hinkie consulting to pay the mortgage?

      1. Hill is 30, and an old 30 at that given that he was a four year player in college. So the mileage is deep for Hill, despite the fact that he won a Western Conference Player of the Week award in November last season when his true shooting was through the roof at Utah. As the veteran who can teach DeAaron Fox and be able to slide into a 2 guard role, it’s a decent fit, but if the Kings want play a little faster, Hill is a square peg in a round hole. The hardest thing to teach a team in unison is good defense, so Joerger will commission Hill to lead that task along with the newly Zach Randolph and the already there Garrett Temple. The problem is that the Kings will still be awful next year, probably on both ends of the court, so their first years in Sactown might be wastes.

        1. I don’t know who I was confusing for the age there; i definitely remember he was a four year guy in college.

          I think they’re ok with those first years being washes – the goal there is to be ready in three years once they get their picks back.

          1. Hill’s third year is not guaranteed, so that is a plus. The two years guaranteed for ZBo, who is just about at his expiration date, was not ideal to me,

      2. All that said above, I do like them taking Giles based purely on the potential. DeAaron Fox is a boom or bust PG for me because at worst he is Elfrid Payton (ask any Magic fan if that is not a good sign) but at best he could be Terrell Brandon, who was a fantastic defensive point guard in the 90’s before injuries chopped him down.

        I particularly liked the drafting of Justin Jackson. He is a 6’8″ 3 and D player, but with a floater game and a steady stream of offense. He is the most experienced of that draft class and he can also play defense, which was somehting Vlade Divac went right after improving this offseason.

          1. Well, the offer sheet has to come from an outside team. The reason Dirk has taken his time re-signing or agreeing to a new deal is because it is concurrent on how to fit Noel’s new deal so that Dirk can basically sign for the remaining cap space. That leads me to think Dallas and Noel are a few million apart in terms of salary and Noel is waiting for offer sheets now that the best UFA’s are completely gone and teams have to go to their Plan B

      1. In related news and in honor of an new annual tradition, a Brooklyn Nets offer sheet has been signed, and its a doozy!

        Otto Porter at 4 years, $104 million. That is the most for an RFA. The Wizards now have three days to match

          1. That is correct, all intents and purposes to match by Washington, officially making them a tax paying team in the East along with Cleveland and Toronto.

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