Daily Discussion Thread – 7/30/17 + Live Watch Tonight!

Join us today to talk about whatever’s on your mind, plus later today we’ll be announcing our Live Watch for tonight!

154 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/30/17 + Live Watch Tonight!

  1. Is everyone cool with the SummerSlam ’94 live watch tonight? As mentioned here earlier in the week, it’s on the Network live stream at 8pm, so it would easy to hop in if you’re running late.

  2. Night 2 of SHP4 underway – quieter tonight, but no Noam Dar or UK title match so to be expected. ICW shows are always very alcohol heavy affairs so there may be a few casualties from last night too haha

    1. Wolfgang best Super Crazy in a decent match

      Grado lost a Loser Leaves Town match, so Grado must leave the company that made him famous!

      Bram for the 2nd time in 3 years interrupted a wedding and piledrove the bride! This turned into a match and it looked for all the world that Bram was shooting, because he was enticed in to the ring after the Charlotte incident was brought up!!

      And the big announcement for Fear and Loathing in November, an appearance from ECW Legend – Rob! Van! Dam!!

      Kevin Nash will be in Glasgow that night too, he’s going to be the guest F&L commissioner for the evening.

      The show was good in a vacuum, but definitely suffered from last night being a very very good show.

    2. Oh, I just remembered this too – if anyone remembers Jody Fleisch’s appearance at CZW Best of the Best in I believe 2003, the springboard 720 DDT, he performed a picture perfect one of them tonight!

      Unbelieveable move to see, incredible athleticism

  3. Here’s a narcissistic thing I’m going to start. I’m not so much into the WWE any longer, past or present, and I generally have the desire to watch two or three matches a day. I like to go through a mixture of present-day shows simultaneously, plus I’ve been diving more into my past archives of discs and streaming services.

    So, I’ve decided to post what I’m watching each day. Feel free to comment or ignore. I might add some commentary in down the line.

    Saturday 7/29:

    7/1/83 Adrian Adonis, Dick Murdoch vs. Akira Maeda & Seiji Sakaguchi
    11/18/83 Adonis & Murdoch vs. Riki Choshu and Animal Hamaguchi (Exhibition)
    5/27/17 Chikara Aniversario: School Reunion – Fire Ant/Mr. Touchdown vs. Jigsaw/Arik Cannon (Golden Dream match)

        1. I hate it. I don’t know if I agree that ot helped him that much. He was mega over coming into the match and was really put over the top with the Kane team in my opinion. It made the show worse than it could have been. They go 15-20 and 28 is probably an all timer.

          1. Without the anger behind that moment I don’t think the crowds get as rabid and angry as they did, it felt like such a slap that it pissed off people enough to really kick the “Yes” train into overdrive.

          2. I think that was happening anyways. It’s not like he blew up overnight either though. The post mania Raw crowd was on it but they’re a special group. I remember it taking the wind out of my sails as pertains the supporting Bryan. Kind of like “whelp he’s never getting another shot.” I’m curious if tgat happened to others and actually slowed his momentum.

          3. Possible I guess. I thought the squash paid off his asshole arrogance gimmick well and is a way more memorable moment than a quick sprint title match (no way it gets more than 10 minutes in that slot IMO). We got the classic a month later anyway.

          4. I think I would have hated a sprint squash more. The winner of the Rumble and Daniel Bryan should have been given 15-20. On that card it’s easy to find the time.

          5. If you don’t like HHH/Undertaker I think there’s a solid case for 27 being the worst.

  4. Got into the Bruno-Billy Graham matches from the Sammartino collection. The first one (04/30/1977) featured the longest test of strength I’ve seen in my life (not a criticism); the second (08/01/1977) featured Graham bolting for the countout and special ref Gorilla Monsoon lugging him over his shoulder and tossing him back into the ring, a great moment. The blood stoppage takes full advantage of Gorilla’s once-pristine white shirt, and also shows that the BULLSHIT chant was alive and well in 1977.

      1. The character dynamics in this match are great. Bruno’s voluntarily breaking every hold since it’s kind of an exhibition match, while Larry tries to cinch everything in and gets pissed when Bruno counters.

      1. I suppose there’s a purist impulse behind including this match without commentary since none was recorded at the time, rather than the Cole/Foley commentary from when the whole show went up on 24/7 some years back.

          1. The people at the Sportarorium may be the greatest fans ever. They made that place special

          2. Flair/Kerry cage match with Michael Hayes involvement is my favote ending to cage match ever .

          3. one surprise so far was Harley Race wrestling as a face vs Bundy. Getting a drop kick and flying head scissors out of Race was fun to see

          1. Just started – i went there for the 2017 Rumble – crazy how they made the arena look totally different between the 2 shows

      1. This fued went on too long – should have ended at Mania. And then to turn in made no sense – it was like NWO turns where after months of feuding you then just join them

  5. This match and final four really rebuilt Vader into a star – what should he have done at Mania to keep that train going? I feel like Mania is the end of Vader as a star in WWF

  6. I wonder how close HHH and Lawler’s relationship is outside of WWE? Lawler always seemed to cheer for him a little more than he did everyone else from what I’ve observed.

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