Daily Discussion Thread 7/29/17

It’s the freaking weekend! Happy Saturday! Spend the day and evening popping in and hanging with us here talking wrestling, sports, entertainment and whatever else tickles your fancy!

Also, be sure to check out the newest episode of Jeff Learns Wrestling!

Plus some great new comics podcasts!

And Ioan continues his great G1 Climax coverage as well!

38 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread 7/29/17

        1. Oddly enough, no. I might take a drive up the Dairy Creme though assuming the place isn’t completely mobbed. I went up last weekend and it was so packed I just turned around.

    1. I was planning on doing the same tonight but the only bar that ever showed them in my home town was Buffalo Wild Wings and I believe that stopped doing it. May have to see if someone else is showing them tonight because I really want to see Jones-Cormier

    1. I’ve wanted it for a while, but with WWE shop really not carrying blu-rays any longer, there haven’t been any good sales. Amazon prices are static too, stinks.

    1. Pete dunne retains the WWE UK title in an awesome fatal 4 way against Trent seven, Wolfgang and ICW Original BT Gunn! Superb match and history make my moment

    2. Noam Dar wins in his return the ICW! What a night! Absolutely great night from start to finish – and that was just stuff that the nation across the pond could find relevant!

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