Daily Discussion Thread – 7/26/17

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36 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/26/17

  1. Listening to Duggan and Mooney’s pod for the first time – WrestleMania V episode.

    Good chemistry, both are well spoken and fun stories.

  2. Watching the 12/19/77 MSG House Show, and Graham is defending the title against Mil Mascaras. The referee awarded the match to Mascaras due to massive blood loss by Graham. Shouldn’t Mascaras have won the title? Or did that egomaniac (meaning Mascaras) not want to be pinned?

      1. Everything I’ve ever seen and read about him, is that he’s so unlikable. Vince does say at the end that only a pin or submission can change the belt, but it’s still kind of dumb that Graham couldn’t continue, and gets to keep his title?

        1. They’ve changed their rules on this (see Owens/Zayn NXT title change) but, yes, it was essentially a no contest and just a finish they could use where the title didn’t have to move.

  3. Slowly making my way through the Bruno collection, this time on the Ernie Ladd match. It occurs to me that I’ve only seen a couple of Ladd matches and actually have no idea whether he was a good wrestler.

    1. He made my GWE list – I think he was a great “worker”, but my definition of worker takes in account more than just suplexes and holds. Certainly ahead of his time.

      1. I’ve seen a bunch of Ladd matches since I’ve started my research. They’ve bored me to tears. What am I missing about the character?

          1. See I get into it by the crowd reaction. These guys are OVER. So that leads to me being excited. Except for Backlund who I am legit loving watching.

          2. I get that, but even the most enthusiastic crowd can’t get me into most of this stuff.

          3. I get that. I feel somewhat the same. However it is helping me rank these guys. Like after watching a bunch of Bruno matches it’s clear to me he needs to be top 5 based alone on his imporatance and how over he was. Before watching I was going to give him a token spot at around 20.

  4. Nakamura-Corbin last night was fantastic. Night and day from their dreadful Battleground match. Nak was laying his shit in, and Corbin was giving it back. First time we’ve seen the real Nakamura on the main roster, outside the second Ziggler match perhaps.

    1. Cesaro is tough for me, because I think he’s one of the worst promos on the entire roster and hasn’t really broken through on his own. However, he’s the modern day Bobby Eaton, able to fit into three different very good tag teams. He will probably make it on the back 20.

      Regal I’m not sure on. I actively despised his in-ring style at times and didn’t get into his King era at all, but at other times he’s been one of my favorites. I also think he was one of the best “Commissioner”/GM characters along with Foley and Bischoff. He could also fall in the back 20. Another guy whose best work was elsewhere (WCW), in my opinion.

  5. Good evening everyone hope all is good with everyone.

    I want to know everyone’s opinions on something I thought about doing for my GWWE list. Instead of taking up two separate spots on my list for tag teams like The Revival or The Dudley Boyz why not just put one of them on the list as the representative of the team. For guys like Bubba Dudley and Scott Dawson they haven’t done much of anything else in WWE except what they did in the tag team so if I put just one of them I have no choice but to only talk about the merits of the team so I can save two spots. If I’m talking about people like the Hardy Boyz I will put both of them on the list since both have had distinctive singles careers.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I feel like Demolition & Dudleys should be on my list but separate spots for each individual partner? That truly seems ridiculous.

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