Daily Discussion Thread – 7/25/17

Today at Place to Be Nation we’ll be chatting about the G1, tonight’s SmackDown, and everything in between! So check out Bayless’ recap of last night’s Raw and get to it!

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          1. I don’t see how it can be held against Orton.

            Like if Cena or Styles are in the WM match or House of Horrors or a 30 minute Punjabi Prison match, what could they possibly have done that made the match better?

            Orton DID drag Jinder’s best match ever out of him in St Louis though.

          2. Not sure and good points but it doesn’t help his resume at all and that may drop him by other guys climbing past him … the WM match didn’t have to be that bad.

          3. Yeah the Bray/Orton Match was the only dud at Mania this year IMO. Was a shame as i did enjoy the build to it.

          4. At a high level (i didn’t rate the matches), I thought the Punjabi prison match was their best encounter. Shining a turd perhaps, but given the stip/gimmick, i thought they were fine with each other (it going on FOREVER withstanding, but not their decision)

          5. My big defense of 2017 Orton is basically:

            What could he do to improve things besides throttling Road Dogg?

      1. I’m not convinced Khali is here to wrestle, and man if they burn a SummerSlam match on him vs. Orton (instead of a Smackdown main event) – woof.

    1. Yeah im thinking John Cena challenges Jindar next for Summerslam too. I’ll also echo Matt’s prediction of Randy Orton/Great Khali. Unless they do that on Smackdown instead the next couple of weeks and have Orton face someone else. Randy vs Baron Corbin perhaps.

  1. Hey guys, I have been busy the past couple of days. My podcast episode with loss will be uploaded later today, early tomorrow at the latest

  2. I like the theory that Ambrose is going to turn heel on Rollins because he’s just unable to let the grudge go. The old Hijo del Santo vs Negro Casas story!

    One thing I really missed during the Cena era was the sense of shared history and evolving relationships amongst the characters. As much as I love Cena, he never had particularly complex histories with Orton, Edge or Punk.

  3. 2010-11 is my least favorite WWE year ever.

    But a Psycho Viper Orton vs Hollywood Dave Summerslam match would have fixed it a little.

      1. I call that 2011-12.

        From WM26 to 27 was a dark year with everybody leaving and the next group not being quite ready yet.

        HBK, Batista, HHH and Taker as full timers and Jericho all leaving is a lot of holes in the top of the card at once.

          1. Absolutely my bad on lack of clarity.

            WM27-28 was a masterclass in getting a great year out of an extraordinarily weak roster.

    1. ’95 set a high bar for bad years. I can find enough good stuff in 2010-11 to make a case for those years not being completely worthless. ’95 is a bit more tricky.

      1. 1995 you were almost guaranteed a ****1/2+ Bret or Shawn match per hour and a half PVP.

        I don’t think post WM26 to WM27 WWE had a **** match amongst their 3 hour shows.

        1. I don’t do stars, but Cena-Batista LMS at Extreme Rules was pretty great. That timespan encompasses Miz-Morrison from the New Year’s Raw and Miz-Lawler too.

          I did just run through the results for all of the other PPVs that year, though, and yeah, that’s a hell of a dry time.

  4. I just listened to Letters from Center Stage #14. I really appreciate adding in that Meng promo. I remembered that promo for years because it was the only time I remember him speaking either as Meng or Haku. It was fun to hear that promo again.

  5. In this installment of PTBN’s Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever PodBlast Series, JT Rozzero, Ben Morse and Greg Phillips debate the merits and candidacy of British Bulldog. They offer their opinions on where he belongs in the Top 100 while discussing his cache of great matches and memorable moments that are worth checking out as you fill out your ballot.


          1. Looks like they don’t have a show until sept 16. But that’s only one show then the full tour kicks off end of October so could be a little run here with summerslam then whatever the sept. ppv is

    1. Since we are getting Cena Jinder for summerslam do you think Corbin interferes to cost Nak setting up another match between them at ss.

      1. He’s like a NBA player who doesn’t really get up for the random January game against Orlando but come playoff time he raises his game to the next level.

  6. Off topic but when do you guys think Corbin cashes in? If we think Cena is winning at Summerslam does he cash in on Cena at some point in the coming months or is it after Cena drops it? Any ideas or thoughts?

        1. I would say they wouldn’t waste his record setting reign lasting a few min but his record tying one lasted 2 weeks so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

    1. I’m totally burnt out. I have Renee fatigue. I have nothing against her and she’s a decent talent but she’s literally on every single piece of WWE TV.

    1. If they didn’t play KO’s music right after the count, i’d be more inclined to believe.

      Bad hotshot booking anyway (something they’re conditioning us maybe more with since they did similar with Sasha/Charlotte?)

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