Daily Discussion Thread 7/23/17 – WWE Battleground live chat!

Tonight we’ll be commentating on WWE Battleground – come and join us! Consider this your all-day discussion thread for G1 Climax 27 talk, sports, etc.

Be sure to listen to our Battleground preview plus much more from the recent Main Event:

255 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread 7/23/17 – WWE Battleground live chat!

  1. Tossed on the Bruno vs Ivan Koloff cage match from the Sammartino collection to mark time before the PPV preshow. I realize it must’ve been a blowoff match and you want to make the fans happy, but man, it was basically a ten-minute squash.

    1. Watching old stuff for the GWWE 100 I am simply astounded how over every move Bruno makes is. The crowd loses their minds on every punch.

          1. I still have to dive into the Backlund era. I know I need to see the Pat Patterson matches, Snuka, Patera, Graham, Dusty, etc. Might go back to the Exile show on Backlund for more highlights.

          2. I just watcged a great Koloff/Backlund match. Good sampler for both guys.
            Msg August 78.

      1. Party seemed great last night by the way. My wife said she would take a short nap and head up with me but we both ended up passing out.

  2. Non-wrestling related question for the group…

    Has anyone brewed their own beer?

    I will be undertaking this as a new hobby come August for the fall. It’s relatively easy if you have cooking experience and monitoring yeast with his water temperature.

    I’m asking to see if anyone had any advice they learned through their own experiences.


          1. The weekly thrown-together tag matches have a relatively high baseline. Pairing him with Ziggy and Corbin out of the gate has sucked though. Maybe Owens is a feud they want to save for later, but it would’ve been a hot debut feud too.

          1. Champion sweatshirts, no fear t-shirts and starter jackets that’s my 90s wardrobe

  3. Just caught up. Really dug the tag match. I like the idea of SDL turning New Day in to a workrate kinda tag team. Thought Nak and Corbin really picked up and became hard hitting. Like the finish if we get more of the second half. Corbin has developed but I don’t think he’s got the presence to hold a bear hug for longer than 30 seconds yet.

          1. Your email said one autograph please and that was it, anything else and no autograph for you!

          1. I think the WWE 2k14 session I’ve been in the middle of during this show has been more compelling.

          1. I actually don’t mind chinlocks at all, but it’s all about timing for them. I love his trash talk, but sometimes I think he stretches them out too much and puts them in weird places. Doesn’t bother me otherwise, as I think chinlocks are great at times for getting the crowd rallied behind the face. It’s a fine line though, for sure.

    1. I’m waiting on Rusev to be as good as I always thought he could be, personally. Plus he and Cena don’t have good chemistry, IMO.

      At this rate, they should’ve main evented with the tag title match.

  4. What a bore fest. I was begging for a botch in that match. At least we were having fun making fun of over the top Americans. And they let the American flag drop. Surprising.

  5. I think the whole punjabi prison system needs an overhaul why would they leave the doors open for one min once a prisoner is put inside.

    1. Reminder – Batista jumped from one wall to the other to win. That was a good finish to make up for the weird rules when you don’t escape the initial cage first

  6. What an idiotic gimmick match. Didn’t like it at all. I think the tag was excellent, but sadly nothing else came close.

    First really bad PPV of the year, to me.

    1. They feuded the whole time and Khali left the company as a face, so while it’s slight storyline continuation, it’s still shitty continuation.

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