Daily Discussion Thread – 7/19/17

Talk and laugh your way through Wednesday here at Place to Be Nation. We’ve got our regular 205 Live review AND the longest running piece in PTBN history – the terrific Wednesday Walk Around the Web. Michael returns with a new “Making the Case”, this time for Al Snow. PLUS – some brand new audio – GWWE centric too!

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  1. Down low MotYC:

    The story:

    Big Japan’s Strong Division has long been populated by two types of wrestlers slugging it out. There are bigger monster hosses overpowering and smashing or there are smaller guys who win through heart, guts, and Warrior Spirit.

    Entered into this world of monsters is British catch style trained Hideki Suzuki. He enters as a freelancer and proceeds to be unbeatable. You can’t overpower superior technique and you can’t out-heart it. Hideki rose through the ranks and finally beat the champion Daisuke Sekimoto for the title.

    But Hideki’s first challenger could be hid last as Sekimoto’s tag team partner lays out the first challenge. That challenger is Yuji Okabayashi, the biggest and angriest monster in the division.

    They met in April at BJW Endless Survivor 2017:

      1. An awesome match. I may even like the Kamitani one from the end of May a bit more. Hideki is having a great run since the March Sekimoto draw.

        1. I liked that match slightly less but it was still awesome. Best Kamitani I’ve seen since his Yuji match last year.

          And you were absolutely right about the tag title match in BJW. Might be my favorite in the show.

    1. Would be a contender if he’d done more in 1994. He faded away with a very thin roster and not a lot of people around to outshine him.

    2. He was a hot act for a period of time. Two big missteps they made was not having him win the IC belt from Shawn at Mania 9 and the Million Dollar Corporation heel turn. Those two things killed his momentum at a time when they really needed anyone to be over on the roster.

      1. Yeah that WM9 miss really hurt him.

        In a kayfabe way I also think it hurt him that he was undefeated for two years and was never given a World Title match. It made his streak look soft.

        1. Right. Blowing off that streak by having him lose to Yoko at least puts heat on the heel champ. What was gained by having Ludvig Borga end the streak?

          1. Ha. I would say his Michaels feud is his best stuff. Memorable moment would be the SS94 turn and then owning Luger left and right. SS93 six man is pretty fun and he is in that. Fringy candidate at best but a guy that probably should have been more.

          2. Oh! But his mid 2000s run was pretty cool where he was a just stiff asshole beating the piss out of everyone. There must be a couple good matches in there from that run.

    3. He won’t make my list just due to the fact that he made a promise many moons ago to his people to climb to the top of the world wrestling federation. He let down all of his Native Americans and little braves.

    1. Well not at the time they were around. But as a big fan of Pearl Jam I went and bought the disk. I rather liked it but they were quite a bit different from Pearl Jam.

      1. I discovered them when the PJ members discussed MLB on the 20 documentary. I really gravitated to them after hearing Crown of Thorns

      1. I agree with Greeny from the pod blast that his piper feud was better than his warrior feud. Rude is on my list somewhere in the middle 50-70 range.

    1. I think he’ll end up being lower than it feels like he SHOULD go, because once everybody gets lined up there’s just too many ahead of him. I see something similar happening with Perfect and Bossman.

        1. People forgot how long it took him to even get over and his feud with Hogan bombed at the box office. He did have some very good matches though and its a memorable gimmick.

        2. He’s a very easy candidate to pick apart (longevity, actual on top drawing) but he’s a great worker at a very nostalgic time crossroads so I don’t think a lot would want to.

          1. He’s like comparing Don Mattingly or Bernie Williams to other Great Yankees. He’s just not as good as the others.

          2. He does have some really high level matches on his resume that buoy him though… more than a lot of candidates

            I would say the following are **** and up:

            vs Hart – SS91
            vs Hart – KOTR93
            vs Flair – Raw 1/93
            vs Santana SNME 7/90

            And also that Doink match from Raw in summer 93 is fringy **** too plus the SurSer 92 tag and WMVII matches, which are also really good.

    2. Save for a brief period in early 1990, there was never a point in Rude’s 3 year run where he wasn’t relevant. Always always entertaining.

      1. I got Jury Duty notices from two different courthouses a couple months ago, one in the town I live and one in the town I work. They cancelled each other out. SWEET!

    1. I think so. His retirement speech and turn on Cena was really brilliant and he did improve after a poor start. He was a good monster heel in the mid 2000’s

    2. The fake retirement in 2013 was beautiful. Not sure where I would rank that RAW highlight/segment all time, but it would be up there. Love me some big Mark. Too many injuries always stopped his pushes.

    3. A better later half run than first half. I would put him in my final 10 if somebody doesn’t eliminate him. I feel that the only thing that’s going got him is the hall of pain 6 month run and the retirement speech

  2. Brand Split War V.2
    Week 52 Winner: Smackdown
    Smackdown 27 RAW 25
    Close week. RAW had the MOTW with Reigns vs Joe (really want to see them get a PPV match) but Smackdown I think did a better job in building to their Battleground PPV. I’m not crazy about Jinder Mahal, but they are at least trying to make it work. On RAW, I am taking a wait and see approach to the Angle-Jordan deal. I’ll say this for Angle, he hammed it up like the Angle of old so I think he’s going to put an effort into making it work. Both shows were on point as far as in ring action. Hardys-Revival; Joe-Reigns; Becky-Charlotte; AJ and Nak-Corbin and Owens… all very good matches.

  3. Ok Historical Opinion Question:

    Watching the 9/26/77 MSG House Show, and the heat for Graham/Dusty was nuclear. Why didn’t Vince Sr. pull the trigger and go with Dusty eventually to win the strap? I know he had a thing for Backlund, but Dusty got way more of a pop than Backlund (who wrestled earlier in the night and got a decent pop, but not a Dusty pop).

    Was it because he couldn’t trust Dusty to hang around?

      1. But Dusty seemed to be a “ball-playing” guy and Vince Sr. was good with all the promoters (Crockett, Graham, etc).

        I wonder if it’s because Dusty was too flashy, and Vince Sr liked the straight laced Backlund gimmick.

    1. Dusty was entrenched in Florida as top star and I believe already booker by 1977, plus he could basically go anywhere in the world as a top attraction and make big $ including NYC. Even though he could make big $ on top in NYC, it would limit his opportunities in the NWA territories. Plus I don’t think Vince Sr saw him as a guy to centre the territory around, although Vince Jr certainly did

          1. Create an account, only takes a minute. It is a pretty cool board too if you like old school wrestling discussions.

          2. Ah, so he’s a crazy ex-PTB listener.
            I’ve been listening since day 1, trying to place the initials, but can’t.
            So frustrating.
            Is he from the Bigelow34 proboards as well?

          1. yeah would of rather seen Kravitz or AIC or The Cult or Live who’s opening for them in Hershey, or Royal Blood

          2. I bought my GNR ticket day of show for $35. Nosebleeds but got an upgrade and got to sit lower

          3. Loved the setlist they did, it was an all compassing from all eras.
            “It’s So Easy”
            “Mr. Brownstone”
            “Chinese Democracy”
            “Welcome to the Jungle”
            “Double Talkin’ Jive”
            “Live and Let Die” (Wings cover)
            “Rocket Queen”
            “You Could Be Mine”
            “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” intro (Johnny Thunders cover) / “New Rose” (The Damned cover)
            “This I Love”
            “Civil War”
            “Out Ta Get Me”
            “Speak Softly, Love” (Love Theme from The Godfather, Slash guitar solo)
            “Sweet Child o’ Mine”
            “Wish You Were Here” (Pink Floyd cover, Slash & Fortus guitar duet)
            “Layla” (coda) (Derek and the Dominos cover, instrumental with Axl on piano)
            “November Rain”
            “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” (Bob Dylan cover)
            “Don’t Cry”
            “The Seeker” (The Who cover)
            “Paradise City”

          4. Sounds like Defones are opening for them tomorrow night at the Apollo for their SXM show.

  4. PWInsider: Speaking of Brock, some MMA sites are reporting he may return to UFC for another fight, possibly in November at Madison Square Garden. The reports state that Lesnar and Paul Heyman have met with UFC recently. UFC is based in Las Vegas and Heyman does a lot of his outside WWE work there as well, so there may be something to the rumor. Lesnar’s UFC suspension for a failed drug test from his fight last year has ended.

    1. The Chargers remain uncertain about when Williams initially injured his back. One source said it’s possible it was injured at the combine and during his pro day but he did a good enough job masking it so that teams would not know and his draft stock would not be affected.

      The Chargers selected Williams with the seventh overall pick, and he showed up in Los Angeles with a bad back.


          1. I just jump to like the top five matches. Like 2:30 in and adjust from there.

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