Daily Discussion Thread 7/18/17

It’s Tuesday! Join us to talk about the fallout from Raw, tonight’s Smackdown, this weekend’s Battleground and whatever else is on your mind!

Also, in case you missed it, here is some other stuff going on at PTBN:

Brian Bayless recaps last night’s episode of Raw!

Plus some audio content hot off the presses:

127 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread 7/18/17

    1. I love McCann, loved him as a brave. Unsure what the Yanks think about him, but if the braves dont win it this year (not looking good). Id like for the Astros to win it this year.

    1. One of the higher big guys for me. Super memorable and fun to watch in the ring. The Hogan feud put him on the map and I LOVE the babyface he became almost as much as I love his run as worst human on the planet. Probably around 60 ish.

      1. Agreed, he is a guy I look at and realize… everything he did seems to have a baseline of “good”… I can’t think of any really glaring stinkers or bad stuff until his last year in 2000. He was super fun as Vince’s enforcer and then super douche casket dragging Boss Man.

        1. I think his worst would be Mania 15. I also wasn’t a fan of he a Bull Buchannen. Partially because I can never spell Buchanon. I felt at that point the welcome was getting thin.

          1. True on WM15 that was wretched. That and his 2000 stuff drops him into that range you mentioned above. If he just had 88-93 and 98-99 w/o WM15 he probably comes way higher.

    2. I will have to go back and rewatch the hogan work. I just remember seeing him after he had turned babyface. He will make my list, I am unsure where at the moment. I did enjoy the big show feud, well the segments.

    3. In my lookback and just after the point where Bossman turned and he was awesome with his promos and even dropped weight as a face. His Hogan run was a success and the guy really improved. His Attitude Era run was crap for the most part but his first run had a lot of good stuff. I’m pretty sure he’ll be in my list.

    4. He’ll be on my list not sure where but pretty much echo everyone’s comments below. His selling of a beating was good from Nailz I’ll never forget the photos in wwf magazine of his bruises really had me worried as a 8 year old.

  1. If you enjoy the chronological looks we have in our library like The Place to Be Podcast, Where the Big Boys Play, and Titans of Wrestling, i’d strongly recommend ThROH the Years on the Pro wrestling Only feed. ROH is 15 years old, it’s a great time to start going through their library.

  2. What’s everyone watching today? With a couple days off before the next G1 show, i’m trying to catch up on NJPW – going back to the USA shows for the semi-finals.

    1. I’m catching BJW Ryogokutan’s uppercard before G1 season really kicks off. Hideki Suzuki is really climbing my list of favorite guys to watch. The tag match looks super interesting too. I like the idea of two “Legends of the Deathmatch Division” fighting the tag team Champions under normal puro rules to show they aren’t just garbage wrestlers.

      1. Peter, i’m glad we have you and Chad to survey the non-NJPW scene in Japan.

        There is so much cool stuff out there, and just not enough time.

  3. An overlooked part of the ongoing AAA John Morrison/Taya Valkyrie/Sexy Star disaster is that AAA is apparently trying to build up to Mascara de Bronce being the one to beat JoMo for all the titles.

    On last month’s AAA event, two separate people in two separate incidents kicked Bronce’s ass and took away his MitB briefcase.

    1. I have read some on that Taya CF from reddit and it sounds shady. I dont watch triple a, but from reading the WOR its seem to have gone down hill recently.

    1. B

      Needs more time and more callups to really show the value. It’s like building/buying a house before you start having children. There’s rooms and space not claimed yet.

        1. And they’ve still got room to add people. Smackdown’s women’s division gets complained about being tiny but there will be a lot more women coming sooner rather than later.

  4. AAA’s Current Disaster:

    They recently unified their World, IC & Cruiserweight belts all onto John Morrison.

    A few years ago AAA stripped Sexy Star (from Lucha Underground) of their women’s belt, mostly because she refused to job. Sexy Star pretty much went home, filmed LU and kicked around a boxing career.

    Since then, the women’s belt eventually found its way to Taya Valkyrie, fiancĂ© of John Morrison. She was recently injured and missed some shows.

    AAA requested they have the women’s belt for some photo op stuff and JoMo handed it over.

    AAA then took to Twitter and stripped Taya of the title. A couple nights ago Sexy Star made a surprise appearance and won the Women’s title in her hometown.

    Taya and JoMo are ripshit. Morrison also has physical posession of EVERY SINGLES TITLE in the company. Because of this, nobody’s sure if he (or the titles) are ever coming back. This situation was so dumb, damaging and easily prevented a lot of people thought this was a work originally.

    Oh, and Triplemania (AAA’s Wrestlemania equivalent) is 8/26 (the same day as Floyd/Conor).

      1. TNA is currently aligned with both AAA and their mortal enemy, The Crash.

        They had a four way at Slamniversary with teams from each company.

        BUT… TNA used LU AAA guys so no one has any idea how that affects LU exclusive deals.

        GFW being stupid might have freed Ricochet from his contract lol

    1. Reasearching him now. Will make the list just not sure where yet. Watched a match from 83 tge other night with Backlund that I dug quite a bit. Would love more match recommendations that don’t include the boot camps with Patterson and Sheik.

          1. I haven’t checked on the network but I know they have added some old msg shows any of them have a good slaughter match worth checking out?

          2. Watch Slaughter vs Andre from MSG 1983. One of the best WWF Andre match I’ve ever seen, and definitley the best post Killer Khan Injury. Slaughter bumped his ass off. It’s on youtube.

          3. Thanks Greg I’ll definitely check it out, also like watching old Andre stuff before he broke down.

          4. Slaughter also had some great bouts with Backlund in 81 and 83. Really liked their Spectrum matches

          5. Based on what I have seen he is probably in the 40s… need to see if anything else can bump him up. His character work in the 90s stuff was amazing given what he was saddled with.

            I also enjoyed his match with Triple H in 97 as he is still out there bumping his ass around like a nut.

          6. Probably pretty close but yeah… I am not sure Boss Man has anything as good as the Backlund or Sheik stuff. They are probably both in the same range though.

          7. I have to rewatch those. To me Boss Man is waaaay more memorable and a better character. But if the matches are there Slaughter may pass him.

          8. His promo work during early 90s is great. With the way he would look at the camera with his big crazy eyes and sounding like a drooling maniac, he would make you think something broke in his brain.

    2. Probably somewhere in the 40s on my list. His early 80s stuff is great with him doing Hogan before Hogan with the Americana stuff and feuding with the evil foreigner. It’s really what he’s most known for along with the early 90s turncoat angle. He was a such a heat magnet during the Iraq stuff, he wouldn’t even be served at restaurants. (Allegedly)

    3. Underrated crossover star due to GI Joe run. Another intangible is his ability to draw fans back to him after his heel run. Top notch character work late in his career.

        1. My cousin Frank Galasso was at that game and presented Yogi with a lithograph beforehand. I remember I was at my Uncle’s house for a St. Mary’s Party listening to it. My dad and I could have went with Frank but didn’t…

  5. Time for some more Prime Time Wrestling, leading into the first ever Survivor Series.

    I believe this aired on 11-12-87, during a weird time when PTW aired on Thursdays.

    1. A Honky vs Hillbilly Jim match. Jim has more agility than I remember. Perhaps if he wasn’t confined to just portraying a country boy rassler, he could have done a bit more.

        1. I went through these PTW’s a few months ago. From what I remember, Bruce and McGuirk would do live commentary from the Houston shows and voice-over work for dark matches during TV tapings.

    2. If that is Pete Doherty doing the heel color with Prichard and McGuirk I understand every complaint ever leveled at him. Good Lord is he awful!

  6. The Rock filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to officially run for president in 2020.

    My God I actually just wrote that.

          1. They were ahead of themselves for once with that. They were showing those photos as far back as 2014.

          2. I don’t see Linda touching that with a 10 foot pole given the climate right now

    1. @BNightengale 18s18 seconds ago
      Blake Rutherford, the #Yankees, first-round pick in 2016, will be the prized Yankees prospect going to the @WhiteSox.

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