Daily Discussion Thread – 7/13/17

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86 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/13/17

  1. Meltzer reporting Enzo has big backstage heat on him for something he did on the talent bus a few weeks back that apparently was so bad, Roman Reigns had him kicked off the bus. It’s a reason why the Enzo and Cass split happened bc the storyline started on TV soon after the incident took place.

      1. Do we’ve have an official form for this? I completely forgot how to submit it lol.

        My Top 10 is set in stone, but I need to parse the rest.

      1. He’s had a couple outstanding starts this year and some stinkers, too. And Wrigley is a bit harder to play at this time of year than Comiskey.

    1. Holy crap. A big-time trade between the Cubs and Sox.

      Sox are desperately trying to rebuild, and they’re starting to get a solid minor league system going after being at the bottom for so long.

      They had all the advantages in this deal since they’re really weren’t many starters available.

      1. Jimenez #5 prospect overall. Happ made him expendable. They would love to see Schwarber get it together to raise his value as he is destined for the AL as a perfect DH

  2. Watching NXT, caught the video game ad again and paid more attention this time. Did Seth Rollins straight-up murder that security guard by leaving him in a burning building, or will the guard live on in a future iteration of the ad campaign?

        1. Fake falls. Sad.

          (On a serious note, I haven’t watched NXT lately due to time constraints, but it sure seems like Full Sail has gone downhill. Thoughts?)

          1. Full Sail has gotten a little Impact Zoney, except it has people. (Hiyo.) I haven’t noticed it quite as much in the last couple of months–if they’re still Too-Sweeting themselves for every two count I’ve tuned it out–but it was pretty bad earlier this year.

  3. “War for the Planet of the Apes” is the best of the new series and second only to the original. A powerful, menacing performance from Woody Harrelson and the effects work blows my mind again. These three “Apes” films have by far the best intergrated visual effects of any films in the last 15 years.

    1. I’m really not sure what it’s going to be, which is a good thing nowadays. The rumors about something with Stephanie setting up a triple h summerslam match make sense but it could be something totally different.

      1. I found it a little uneven. The Punisher stuff, yes please. Some of the …other, not so much. May give it a rewatch before Defenders.

        Luke Cage kinda fell apart in the back half. I couldn’t make it through Iron Fist. All of these shows would be better served by 10-episode seasons.

  4. Huh, watching the 3/12/90 Prime Time Wrestling show and Hercules & Roma are teaming together with matching attire as babyfaces against Brawler & Black Bart.

          1. Yeah, the Power Plex was a great finisher. Surprised no one has ripped that off today.

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