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A new For Your Consideration featuring Will, Steve and Johnny Sorrow

The longest running episode weekly piece in Place to Be Nation history – THE WEDNESDAY WALK

Brian recaps last night’s 205 Live

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      1. I hadn’t noticed it till Monday night when Brock came out and his stage pyro didn’t go off! But it doesn’t bother me and is incredibly smart on their part.

  1. Hiromu Takahashi vs KUSHIDA from Dominion was really great. I really enjoy that Hiromu’s character is Animal from The Muppets as a real person.

    1. On the “Flower Shop,” Adonis kept stirring up that Hogan was trying to steal Orndorff’s spotlight and basically made Orndorff paranoid. Adonis planted the seed for the Orndorff turn

    2. I think there were some Hogan vs Adonis house show matches around that period of time too. The Flower Shop segments couod have been used to build for those matches.

        1. Michael does a great job layering in the youtube clips. Just have to be patient if they cut ’em down (which happened some with Adonis – surprisingly). It’s *not* because of his piece of course, but some get wiped.

          1. Yeah. The Piper vs Adonis Maple Leaf Gardens match that got taken down hurt because it really was much better than the WrestleMania 3 match.

      1. There is the Bret Hart match on Prime Time that was the beginning of 90. Also a MSG match with Dusty Rhodes that I rather liked. The Big Bossman matches didn’t deliver like I had hoped but the Saturday Night Main Event match is better than the WrestleMania 6 match. Also the Tito Santana match in the IC Title tournament was quite good although the ending left something to be desired. After the Tito match he was pretty much done but hung around until almost Survivor Series.

        1. That Dusty match I thought was awful. All dancing and nerve holds without a single thing looking remotely realistic. Akeem’s injury in the Fall of ’89 was something he never really bounced back from.

          Gang’s house show run with Hogan was good though. I liked that quite a bit and the beginning of the Twin Towers was good stuff too.

          1. I was surprised to see The Twin Towers only had one match with The Rockers. I felt like they could have gotten a couple more quality matches between those two teams.

  2. What would be the cons of GFW doing Japan style tours that last like a week and a half, taping that and using that footage the same way they use the massive tapings in Orlando?

          1. I think if they developed a loop like ROH has, sure. Hit the same towns twice a year, build a following like that.

            I’m not sure Anthem’s in for that kind of investment. They want content for their networks.

    1. Maybe it’s an idea for next year, but it would be cool to do hit those minor league stadiums and do some taping there, sure the crowds may not be gigantic but I always like the outside atmosphere. I’m sure with Jarrett back in charge and with anthem behind them maybe IF they start to turn a profit they do show outside of Orlando

    2. Cost and hiring a marketing wing of people to actually promote.

      But really, to your point I think, it’s not like Universal is rent-free for them. They have to pay that bill + they get no ticket sales to recoup.

      They have long had a very bad strategy on making money.

    1. I was thinking of making a case for ADR for the Top 100 project considering how luke warm a lot of people are on him. But the more that comes out about his personal issues, the less I want to stump for the guy. He was marginal on my list at best. Now I would feel sleezy taking up for this dude.

  3. I like these undercard matches from Superstars and Challenge tapings. This is the TV setup that I’m reminded of from my childhood. It’s like warm cocoa.

  4. Gorilla and Bobby make a short mention about “The Princess Bride”. I have a WWF magazine from this period too that has a full article on Andre in the film.

  5. Now Oliver Humperdink has replaced Jimmy Hart on commentary for a George Steele match.

    When you’re ripping off Lou Albano’s schtick, you know you’re in trouble.

  6. Did those destroyed turnbuckles come out of Steele’s paycheck? They couldn’t be cheap, plus those ring crew guys had to clean all that shit up and reassemble them. Not cheap!

  7. Gorilla jokes that Arnold Skalaand has been in a few compromising positions. Is that another case of Monsoon making gay innuendo? He did that a lot.

  8. I love when Bobby will start mumbling non sequitors and Gorilla just ignores him. Hey that’s the WWF Magazine I have (Bam Bam Bigelow on the cover).

    1. My brother gave me his whole magazine collection when I was like 12… it was every WWF magazine from like 1986 through 1990sh. Was amazing to go through them all… I still have them but they are in rougher shape.

  9. This Strike Force match has clearly been the best so far, due to the natural athleticism of Santana, Martel and Horowitz. Tiger Chun Lee is also a person in this match.

      1. I was actually thinking this might make for an interesting column. Not a recap, more of a stream of conciousness posting. I could list the program notes at the top and then my comments below flowing in chronological order.

          1. Okay. Should I do it as a master thread then, I guess that would make for an easier read if I just keep replying under my initial post.

    1. I want to rewatch that again. Watching live, it was a big drop from the WK match for me and the superhero comeback by Tana while expected was disappointing

      1. You have to watch it again. I just finished it and it was amazing. I liked Tanahashi’s fiery comeback (tremendous nearfall off the second rope Destino) even though I thought the extended cloverleaf was a disjointed finish that fell flat to me (because he did little to nothing with the knee outside the dragon whips to take over early).

      2. I loved how gritty it was – the before the bell action all played off the injury and the 1/4 match. thought naito worked the arm great, tremendous selling by Tanahashi. So well put together. ****1/2

  10. It is important for this community, and especially Overcommitter, to know that I got 12th row tickets for Tori Amos in October.

    Please stay tuned for important follow up non-sequitors.

  11. Really don’t feel like committing an hour plus to Okada-Omega II right now. So I’ll skip over to AAA’s silly 6 man/3 team mask match main event.

  12. Watching the Angle doc, I always thought it was crappy that Austin was under the bottom rope and grabbing the apron when he tapped out at Unforgiven 2001. One of those small things i guess.

      1. Yeah, it got to me emotionally in a big way. Wasn’t expecting it, because I know Kurt’s story well and followed his career in TNA (and the associated struggles) very closely, but it was much different to see things in the context of hindsight and, most vitally, to see him playing with his kids. It also exposed how well WWE hid things in Kurt’s heyday.

        I came away at points sad, at points angry (“The doctor put shots of novocain and cleared me to wrestle”) and, ultimately, inspired. It’s a wonderful piece of work.

      2. Also crazy to see Kurt watching Cena rehearse his pre-WrestleMania 19 rap and saying “This guy’s gonna be big. He’s gonna be a star.”

        I hope one day WWE gets control of TNA’s archives, because despite his issues Kurt had some phenomenal matches there.

    1. AGREED. It bugged me at the time, and just as much in hindsight. If you listen, it clearly mutes the pop from what it could’ve been, too, because it sure seemed like the crowd knew what was up. Like they were waiting for the ref to overturn it, then when he didn’t and the family was filing in, they sort of let loose, but the pop for the win wasn’t what it should’ve been or what it would’ve been if the tap had come in the center of the ring.

    1. I’m pretty excited for it. While the star power is down, there are a lot of newer names that I’ve never seen, so I’m psyched to view them for the first time.

    2. Weird no Chuck Taylor again as he is champ now. Overall, some solid stuff and I am happy for guys like Guevara and TK Cooper. I think the #24 thing was a little unfair as yeah having LIger last year was cool but that wasn’t THAT huge of a get and people thinking Omega or what not were in it were probably reaching too much.

  13. For Your Consideration #4 is my favorite one they have done so far. I had to pause a few times I was laughing so hard at Johnny and Will bickering. It was beautiful.

  14. When your knee-jerk reaction to a work e-mail is “Fuck yourself and die slow”

    that would probably be construed as an unprofessional reply. It’s time to call it a day and watch the Kurt Angle doc.

      1. Thank you for giving your response even a full bah-gawd minute. You’re not kidding. Appropriately, I just realized today was my 7-year anniversary with the company. Planning to be sick on Friday.

        Meanwhile, the Kurt Angle 24/7 is pretty good and somewhat re-centering.

  15. Guys there is nothing I could possible care less about than the ESPYs. Think of all the smart people they could have kept versus running this masturbatory gala.

    1. I’m going to slightly disagree. If it’s on TV at that moment, like last night, it’s fair game. No difference between that and a PPV. If it’s a few weeks down the line, then no.

      And I’m pretty anti-spoiler, as you know…BRAD 🙂

        1. I liked how he really went into the details of his many, many neck injuries. People forget about that one in late ’03 after his first surgery. Came back just in time for the Eddie match at WM, then out AGAIN until Summerslam. At the time, I seriously thought that was it for him. Now I know Angle did too – he talked about thinking how every match from that point on could be his last, which just goes a long way towards explaining why the back half of his WWE run was so balls-out. It’s pretty unreal that after all the injuries, substance abuse, steroids, etc. that he’s still alive today, let alone ambulatory.

          1. Not only that, they literally showed the moves where he broke it. Probably the most grisly one was the one before the olympics.

          2. I’ve actually never seen that No Way Out PPV, so I’d always thought his pre-19 injury happened on a foreign tour and not in an actual PPV match.

          3. One of the times the documentary stung the most was him getting choked up talking about that 03 one where he came back too early.

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