Daily Discussion & SmackDown Live Thread – 8/29/17

Come hang out with us today as we chat wrestling, sports, pop culture… and of course PTBN GWWE. And then tonight we will chat during SmackDown Live as well!

Also, be sure to check out Brian’s recap of last night’s Raw!

And the brand new episode of the Place to Be Podcast looking at the 10/20/86 WWF Madison Square Garden House Show!


72 thoughts on “Daily Discussion & SmackDown Live Thread – 8/29/17

      1. All the more maddening that they have literally hundreds of hours of footage of great babyfaces but refuse to learn from their own history.

    1. There could be a book written on how they kill hot babyfaces for seemingly no reason. It is almost a trope at this point. I am trying to think of the first hot babyface they killed for the fun of it. RVD comes to mind but was there someone before him?

        1. I think the promo he cut at that year’s survivor series followed by his unwanted pop in at the December NXT Takeover were the beginning of the end.

  1. Watching the whole run from 1985 through late 1986 so far, the Heenan vs. Hogan feud cresting with Andre finally turning was really well done. Hogan beating everyone Heenan tries to throw at him until Bobby finally does the unthinkable is a great angle. And I loved Glenn’s old point of Hogan beating on Bobby in the cage at WM2 started this whole grudge and hatred that led to Hogan getting turned on by two close friends.

  2. Can’t stop thinking about John Cena’s promo last night. I’ve always been a Cena guy but when he gets fired up and throws some fire with some snarky comments in his promos it’s great.

    1. I’m curious what they want the outcome to be here. Reigns goes full heel? Reigns wins the match and Cena’s respect and still gets booed? (status quo – this is my guess).

      Like what’s the motivation for Cena eviscerating Reigns on the mic? With Punk it was to make Punk a superstar (and it worked).

      1. I think you’re right in that they think Cena losing to Roman at the PPV will put him over in the end. I truly think they’re that dumb.

        1. The list of people they’ve used to try to get Roman over as a mega babyface is fantastic:

          The Rock
          Daniel Bryan
          Vince McMahon
          Triple H
          John Cena

  3. The women on Smackdown are booked so much better than on Raw. They all look like geeks on Raw.

    On Smackdown, they have Becky, Charlotte, Nattie, and Naomi as solid workers that fans believe can always win a match. And then the terrible women wrestlers they just have super gimmicky to keep them entertaining.

    1. Yeah I can’t argue there. The SD Women have been booked better overall than the Raw Women. And I say that as a huge Sasha Banks fan plus Alexa has been really good since her call up.

  4. You know what would be the biggest troll? If they actually did a Southpaw card and the main event was Roman Reigns beating John Johnson for the SRW Heavyweight title.

        1. Ziggler needs something to do, maybe just say he’s frustrated with these guys coming up from nxt and getting chances that he can’t get after busting his ass for years. Even though it’s not really true just something they could go with.

  5. Tomorrow in the Wednesday Walk: Lisa Frank’s Baphomet, a potato monument, divorce parties, non-melting popsicles, breakdancing in 1894, the best reason to disown your child, the World Taxidermy Championships, the worst prose of the year, an imaginary business partner, the worst use of contact lenses, and a rhino merrily strolling by.

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