Hell in a Cell 2013 Live Blog


Join us tonight for live Hell in a Cell commentary from Scott and Brad. There’s plenty at PTBN to get you prepped for tonight:

Justin previews the show and gives his picks.

Place to Be Podcast Episode 264 has Justin, Scott and Brad giving their predictions.

Justin remembers the original Hell in a Cell match.

Our Vintage Vault repost features the original Hell in a Cell match review from Badd Blood and includes the PTB podcast episode.

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Author: Brad Woodling

Brad Woodling is the managing editor of the Place to Be Nation. He was turned on to pro wrestling at the age of 18 after first watching Starrcade '97 and has been hooked ever since. His wrestling DVD collection and retro video game collection will probably be featured on an A&E Hoarders episode one day. Send Brad an email