Where the Big Boys Play #52: Clash of the Champions 11


Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions IX: Coastal Crush. In this show:

[3:52] Wrestling Observer roundup from May to June 1990, with talking points including: Ole Anderson’s policies and signing as the new booker, talk of Vince McMahon buying WCW in 1990 (!), thoughts on the JYD-Horsemen racism angle, Cactus Jack quitting WCW, and lots more.

[00:35:08] Clash 11 review, including one of the strangest segments ever as Gary Michael Cappetta interviews El Gigante in Spanish, El Gigante’s spacial awareness, some unique matchups, and JR’s father’s nerveholds.

[1:50:56] End of the show awards, and a new feature, ‘Question for the Listeners’