Hard-Traveling Fanboys GIANT-SIZED (P2B Comics Draft pitches)

Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. Some events, however, call for more than just two fanboys to discuss. Banding together with fellow comic book aficionados on these occasions, Greg and Nick will present a GIANT-SIZED edition of their weekly column.

Nick: Welcome back, loyal readers, to another GIANT-SIZED edition of the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. You may recall a few months back, we dropped on you an account of one of the absolute nerdiest exercises we or any other humans have ever engaged in — the Place to Be Nation Comics Fantasy Draft. In that draft, we joined together with our fellow comics staffers, Tim Capel, Russell Sellers and Todd Weber, for a 60-round snake-style fantasy draft of our favorite comic book characters, artists and writers.

Greg: And ladies and gentlemen, if you thought THAT was geeky, just wait until you see what we’ve got for you this time around. Before you go any further, we highly recommend you take a look at the fantasy draft itself in order to get an idea for what went down and who landed what characters, artists and writers. (A spreadsheet of the draft results can be found here.)

Nick: Well, this month we’re back to prove that our nerdiness truly knows no bounds, as we’re taking the draft one step further. After the draft, each participant was tasked with taking the 60 choices they made and creating their own fantasy comics company. There were a few rules: Each company has to produce no fewer than 15 and no more than 20 titles per month. Characters and writers could be used in no more than three titles per month. Artists can draw no more than two books per month.

Greg: That’s right — we literally created fantasy comic book companies. The gauntlet has been thrown, fans of wrestling, Harry Potter and tabletop games. I dare you to do something geekier than this. Quite frankly, I’m not sure it’s possible.

Anyway, we tasked ourselves and our fellow participants with creating pitches (or solicitations) for brand new fictional monthly series starring their draft picks. Before doing so, we held a supplemental draft involving popular team names, so that we wouldn’t have multiple “companies” with Justice League books, Avengers books and so forth.

With us so far? Probably not.

Nick: One thing that was interesting, as you’ll see, is that everyone took the concept and ran with it a little differently. Some pitched an actual first issue, while others pitched a first story arc or a general pitch for the series as a whole. Some envisioned their characters as starting from scratch with no continuity connection to their previous selves, while others thought of their characters as continuations of their past exploits.

So, with all that said, this column you’re about to get a third of the way through before you lose interest and patience is the fruit of those overly nerdy labors.

And, if you somehow make it all the way through and for some bizarre reason have a desire to learn more about these pitches of ours and the draft as a whole, be sure to check back in the coming weeks for a very special P2B comics podcast on this very topic!

Greg: We invite you to read through them and then let us know which company and individual pitches were your favorites via Facebook, Twitter (@gphillips8652 and @nickduke87) or through email (GregP@placetobenation.com and NickD@placetobenation.com).

As for us, well, we’re coming back in a few weeks with that special podcast discussing the draft, the pitches and the thought process that went into molding our respective fake companies. Now please excuse us while I push my glasses up the bridge of my nose.

Nick: So, without any further adieu, examine the proof of our pathetic lives.

GENRE COMICS ™ (Greg Phillips)



Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Francis Manapul

Logan has ended a lot of lives. When you’re a living weapon who has spanned centuries, the body count tends to pile up. But he’s always had his reasons, and he’s spent the last few decades trying to atone for his misdeeds. Unfortunately for Logan, he’s not the only immortal killer, and to save the people he loves, he’ll do what it takes to stop the unstoppable Vandal Savage.


Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips

One of the very few good cops on a corrupt force, Detective Renee Montoya takes on the cases that slip beneath the notice of Gotham’s Dark Knight, and God help anyone who stands in her way of solving them. But this is Gotham – danger lurks around every corner and every ally is a potential enemy in this ongoing noir series.



Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Jim Lee

Hunted by a corrupt police force, targeted by assassins from around the globe and fighting an endless wave of crime in America’s sleaziest city, the Batman feels darkness surrounding him. And that’s just fine with him. With the aid of a wise-cracking butler and a hard-nosed but honest police detective, he’ll be the light to guide Gotham back to greatness … even if it kills him.


Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Fiona Staples

Molded from clay and blessed by the gods themselves, Diana of Themyscira is caught between two worlds – the duty and tradition of her homeland and her role as a protector in “man’s world.” In the midst of grave threats from both fronts, the pressure is on for Diana to choose a side. And about those gifts …


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Michael Lark

Booze. Women. Guns. These are a few of Jonah Hex’s favorite things. Gold. Silver. Bronze. These are some more of his favorite things. There’s just one nagging little problem that won’t leave him alone – his conscience. In 1880s America, that can get you in a whole heap of trouble, especially if you’re a bounty hunter by trade. For mature audiences.

MARVELS by Jeff Smith

Billy Batson was just a regular kid until he was gifted with strength, power, speed, stamina, courage and wisdom from a weird old wizard. Now, with the help of his sister, his best friend and a talking tiger, Billy will battle the forces of evil as Captain Marvel! But lurking in the background are perils the likes of which the Marvels can’t imagine – the braggadocios Black Adam! The devious Dr. Sivana! The merciless Mister Mind! And the menacing Monster Society of Evil! This all-ages book takes place outside the confines of the Genre Universe.

Something like this.
Something like this.


Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Sean Phillips

Love can move mountains and sink cities. It can create and it can destroy. When love unites Gotham’s greatest crimefighter with its most wanted burglar, both extremes are possible. Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne made a decision months ago to make their unique relationship work. But can they maintain both a personal and professional partnership when their natural inclinations are prone to driving them apart? Gotham may not survive long enough for them to find out.


Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Chris Samnee

Oliver Queen hates the one percent. Sure, he enjoys his Porsche and his upscale loft in downtown Star City, but hey, he kinda hates himself too. When he was shipwrecked on a mysterious island, Oliver learned the skills and ethics that make him the Green Arrow. It also taught him a lot about the damage left in the wake of his family’s win-at-all-costs attitude. Now he seeks to clean up Star’s penthouses during the day and her streets at night, and maybe even have a little fun in the process.

Now made with 50% more dreaminess.
Now made with 50% more dreaminess.


Written by Grant Morrison and Dave Gibbons
Art by Dave Gibbons

In the not-too-distant past, Detroit auto mechanic and part-time petty thief Simon Baz is transported by an alien artifact to a dying planet in another solar system. Imbued with the most powerful weapon in the known universe and tasked with both restarting a once-proud police force and keeping peace throughout the cosmos, Simon must adapt to the most bizarre of circumstances as he travels to distant worlds and encounters species and cultures the likes of which he’s never imagined. Follow his three-year journey as Simon finds the hero within and learns the secrets of the ring.


Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Francis Manapul

Captain Marvel is Earth’s greatest protector, a beloved figure to men, women and children throughout the globe. But the world’s mightiest mortal has a secret very few know (including his fellow Titans): he’s only 12 years old! And the boy beneath the muscles has plenty of issues to worry about, not the least of which is puberty. Oh, and there’s also an underground conspiracy to bring his team to its knees – starting with him!



Written by James Robinson
Art by Tony Harris

So, Courtney found a really tacky-looking belt in her stepdad’s belongings, and it totally does weird stuff. It’s whatever. Said stepdad, who she thinks is kind of a douche, won’t quit bugging her about it. Something about “great power” and some other dated nonsense from his generation. Can Courtney keep high enough grades to secure a scholarship while getting her stepdad off her case? Does she have time for a love life? And where does “fighting crime” fit into her busy schedule?


Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Frank Quitely
Characters: Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Green Lantern (Simon Baz), Captain Marvel, Hawkgirl, Elongated Man

What do a man on a suicidal mission of justice, an Amazonian princess, an immortal mutant killer, an intergalactic space cop, a chipper man-child with mythical powers, a rough-around-the-edges alien warrior and a flexible private investigator have in common? The desire to protect the world from those who would do its people harm. When threats arise that are too grave for any individual to tackle, it’s a job for the Globe’s Greatest Guardians: The Titans!


Written by Christopher Yost
Art by Fiona Staples
Characters: Batgirl, Cyborg, Superboy (Conner Kent), Impulse (Bart Allen), Human Torch, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes), Iceman

Stephanie Brown has never been the most mature person in the room. Until now. Fed up with the gloom-and-doom philosophy of her on-again-off-again mentor and his Titanic teammates, young Batgirl has left the confines of Gotham and called together a team of her own peers – a decision she’s sure she’ll later regret. Can she even get her fellow teenagers on the same page long enough to complete a mission? She’d better, because they’re being watched by someone with Sinister intentions.


Written by Cullen Bunn
Art by Mike Deodato
Characters: Magneto, Black Adam, Namor, Doctor Doom

Beneath the façade of four isolationist countries, a conspiracy begins. The leaders of Genosha, Kahndaq, Atlantis and Latveria value one thing above all – the safety of their people. But the rise of superhuman activity around the world is starting to infringe on their shores. Brought together by Victor von Doom, these four monarchs have decided to kill the problem at its source – the Titans themselves! But are their motivations really as they appear, and will politics sink their plot right out of the gate?


Written by James Robinson
Art by Tony Harris
Characters: Starfire, Stargirl, Starman, Star-Lord, Gamora

Not all of the planet’s biggest threats come from within. That, and a tireless devotion to cheesy comedy bits, is why amateur astronomer and reluctant superhero Jack Knight has assembled a ragtag group – chosen on name alone – to head off these threats before they ever reach Earth’s orbit. But Star-Lord and his bodyguard/part-time lover Gamora have different ideas about who should be calling the shots.



Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray
Art by Fracesco Francavilla
Characters: Wolverine, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Bishop, Domino, Green Arrow

Something’s amiss in the Genre Universe, and Wolverine can smell it. Now he’s secretly assembled an underground strike force to get to the bottom of a conspiracy that stretches across continents! Under the bankroll and leadership of Oliver Queen, these deep-cover mutants will carry out Wolverine’s mission by any means necessary.


Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Adam Kubert
Characters: Lobo, Larfleeze, Animal Man, Atrocitus, Harley Quinn

They come from all over the universe. They’re as dangerous as they are certifiably insane. They’ll rob, pillage and kill whoever you want … for the right price. And please, for God’s sake, won’t someone help Buddy Baker escape this madhouse? Where the Outsiders go, murder, mayhem and bwa-ha-has follow!


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Dustin Nguyen
Characters: Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Domino

Sometimes you just have to let off a little steam. For these Gotham vixens, one night a month is set aside for a girls’ night out, away from their troubles. It’s not their fault that trouble seems to find them anyway.


Written by Brian Azzarello, Cullen Bunn and Keith Giffen
Art by Francesco Francavilla and Keith Giffen

Ralph Dibny didn’t kill his wife. At least he thinks he didn’t. He’s pretty sure. Kind of sure. But try telling that to the cops. It’s up to Ralph to put the pieces of the past together and find out what really happened before he goes down for a crime he’s at least 50 percent sure he didn’t commit. TRUE DETECTIVE meets 52 with a dash of NAKED GUN. Also, don’t miss the back-up feature, where Batgirl’s quest to find a missing New York teen takes her right into the heart of Opal City!

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