Hard-Traveling Fanboys GIANT-SIZED (P2B Comics Draft pitches)

RS Comics (Russell Sellers)

RS ... RF ... close enough!
RS … RF … close enough!


Written by Dan Slott
Art by Aaron Kuder

When a time travel experiment goes horribly wrong, a traveler from the distant future finds himself trapped in our time. Ted Kord, genius billionaire inventor and wannabe sleuth, takes it upon himself to solve the mystery for returning his new “friend,” Booster Gold, to his own time. But jumping into the time stream is always a roll of the dice. From the distant past to the far future, hang on for the ride of a thousand lifetimes!


Written by Gail Simone and Jason Latour
Art by Javier Rodriguez

Gwen Stacy, super-genius high school junior and spectacular drummer for the Mary Janes, has just had her life upended when a trip to a local science lab results in her gaining extraordinary abilities. Now, she’s able to stick to walls, sense danger, life extremely heavy things and swing through the air on natural lines of spider-webbing. Criminals beware, Spider-Woman is here to protect her city…after finishing her homework and band practice.



Written by Steve Niles and Sean Murphy
Art by Sean Murphy

Vic Sage has never believed the official story. That’s code for cover up in his book. When the daughter of a Central City billionaire reportedly commits suicide two days before her wedding, everyone chalks it up to depression and drugs…but only Sage dared to ask THE QUESTION…why? Now, he’s found himself immersed in a world of drugs, guns, human trafficking and corporate espionage that threatens to shake him to his very core. When you stare into the abyss, does it also stare back into you? That is THE QUESTION!


Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Tony Daniel

Richard Grayson grew up as a flying trapeze performer in Haley’s Circus. He along with his parents and brother, Mark, were the main attraction. But they had a secret nobody knew about. After using their performances as warm-ups, they took to the streets as masked crime fighters. But someone figured it all out and one night, Richard watched as his whole family fell to their deaths. Consumed by guilt and driven by rage, Richard left the circus to find his family’s killer. Seeking out those who could help him on his journey to becoming the man he needs to be, he is taken in by Vic Sage, the lead investigator on his family’s case. Sage helps him train his mind while Richard pushes his physical limits further than he ever dreamed possible. He will find the people responsible and bring them to justice. He is now and forever, Nightwing!


Characters: Ghost Rider, Blade, Sandman, Zatanna, and Doctor Fate
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by JH Williams III

There are many doors that lead from one world to the next. Some of those places hold dark and wondrous things while others hold back monstrous horrors. To protect our world from those things that would reach in and enslave or destroy humanity, a team of undying heroes has come together under the watchful eye of Doctor Fate. But one of them could be a double agent who works in secret to destroy…The Endless!



Characters: Nova, GL John Stewart, Jean Grey (Phoenix), Invincible, Miss Martian
Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Brad Walker

A hole in reality has been discovered at the edge of the solar system. Something is coming through. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look friendly! CLOVER has put together a deep-space response team of those too dangerous, too disconnected and too…dead…to leave on Earth. Lead by the mysterious Green Lantern, they move to intercept the potential threat, but what they find will change everything about how they see reality and themselves. Worlds collide and the entire galaxy is at stake!


Characters: Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Black Widow, The Flash (Wally West), Hellboy, Guy Gardner (Warrior), Caitlin Fairchild, Nick Fury Jr., Maria Hill, Phil Coulson
Crime Logistics Oversight and Vantage Evaluation Resources
Written by Mike Mignola
Art by Mikel Janin and Mike Mignola

The secret organization known as CLOVER has assembled a rag-tag band of miscreant “heroes” for one specific purpose: find the bad guys where they are, determine how much of a threat they might be and eliminate if necessary. A plot to assassinate a high-ranking officer in the military of a foreign nation sends the team into action, but could letting him die be so bad? Do they follow orders or their own judgment and what are the consequences if they fail? And it looks like one of the team is playing both sides!



Written by Darwyn Cooke
Art by Darwyn Cooke

He comes from a different dimension. He was raised by a kindly couple who taught him the value of human life and the responsibility that comes along with his unearthly power. Or was he? The truth about who raised The Superman is only the beginning of a plot to seize power and hold all the cards on the world stage. But their plan worked too well. This Superman is his own person and isn’t so easily manipulated. When he learns the truth, he’ll fight for justice and peace on his own terms. But there are those who won’t stand for such disobedience…


Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Nicola Scott

He watched his wife and son gunned down by one of the very people he was trying to help. Now, billionaire casino owner and former physician, Thomas Wayne will take the fight to those who would prey on his city and he’ll do it in the way he deems necessary. If Gotham City’s streets are going to run red with blood, it’ll be the blood of those who would do it harm. He’ll find those poisoning the city and he’ll make sure they don’t see another sun rise. He is Batman, the Knight of Vengeance!


Written by Van Jensen and Robert Venditti
Art by Jason Fabok

John Stewart fought in Afghanistan as the best Marine Sniper the world has ever seen. When his unit is pinned down and he struggles to save them, he’s mysteriously whisked away in the middle of the fight by a mystical power that has chosen him to be the new protector of his world: The Green Lantern! His will to live and to protect has granted him the power, but where does it come from and is it really a force for good or its own ends? But, it’s not the only power held within the world. The consuming darkness of death looms and it plans to rot away everything John Stewart loves. We need his light now more than ever!


Written by Gail Simone and Amanda Conner
Art by Amanda Conner

She was just the girl next door living with her adoptive parents and being one of the most popular girls at Fawcett City High School. Then, her uncle (the Greek God Hermes) shows up, unlocks her true potential and sends her world into an out-of-control spiral! What is this all about? Why now? How is she ever going to explain this to anyone? As if it wasn’t enough of a struggle just to be “normal” in high school and now she’s able to lift cars over her head and…oh yeah, fly! As if that wasn’t crazy enough, it looks like some of her “cousins” have taken up residence in her neighborhood and they’re going to her school! And it looks like they don’t have anything nice planned for her or the “mortals.”


Written by Greg Pak
Art by Ryan Ottley

Mark Grayson is dead…long live Invincible! Well, sort of dead. Not really dead. Okay, not dead, but he must let the world think that he is until he can find a way to control the raging spirit…no that’s not right, either. Look, Mark did die in that hit on his acrobat family in the circus. But CLOVER recovered his body because, as it turns out, he’s only half-human and not actually a Grayson (add that the growing list of things his “brother” Nightwing doesn’t know about). But now he’s all super-powered and leading the double-life as CLOVER’s resident errand boy/part-time Guardian of the Galaxy/sometimes college student/kinda terrible boyfriend…yeah, just a normal life, right?



Written by Andy Diggle and Jason Latour
Art by Jason Latour

Bucky Barnes was once CLOVER’s top assassin. No memory of his past and no life outside the mission. Until his latest target, The Archangel, touched him and unleashed a flurry of visions. Now, Bucky is determined to find out the truth. What did CLOVER do to him? Why him? Who was he before? Who is this woman in his dreams called “Storm?” Archangel stalks him from the shadows and CLOVER is hot on his trail with their newest weapon: Captain Atom. Time to put every skill he’s ever learned to good use and bring the organization down for good. Winter is here!


Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Greg Capullo

Wally West was one of the greatest theoretical physicists at Central City University until an accident changed his life forever. When his particle accelerator experiment goes wrong, he’s imbued with the ability move at nearly the speed of light. The problem is, lots of other people got powers, too. Crime is on the rise as new super-powered villains have come out of the shadows. And when CLOVER comes calling to remind Wally just who funded his little project, he’ll be thrust into a role he never expected to have: Hero! His new CLOVER rep, Caitlin Fairchild, is here to help him figure out his powers and keep the super criminals in check, but she’s hiding a secret of her own. And while he may have been the best practical joker at CCU, this is no laughing matter. If he hopes to slow down the rate of violence in his city, he has to become The Flash: Fastest Man Alive!


Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Jae Lee

The Crime Logistics Oversight and Vantage Evaluation Resources organization is here to protect the world…or is it? Nick Fury Jr. may say he has the world’s best interest in mind, but his methods leave more than a little to be desired. Manipulating politicians, threatening anyone who questions him and creating new super-powered beings to prepare for a war he believes is coming is just the tip of the iceberg. Maria Hill sees the same dangers Fury does, but can he be trusted to truly know what’s best for all? Even Fury’s closest confidant, Phil Coulson, has begun to doubt him. But there’s no time to deal with that now, there are bigger problems. The former operative, Winter Soldier, is back on their radar and he’s threatening the stability of entire nations. Especially after he tried to kill the President of the United States! Project: Captain Atom initiated…


Written by Steve Niles
Art by Ben Templesmith and Jae Lee

Vampires are real. They are everywhere. You won’t see them, but they’ll see you. At any moment you can become their prey. Until now they’ve been content to stay in the shadows, but with the appearance of these “super beings,” they are making themselves known. But there is something else in the darkness. A protector. His mother was bitten while pregnant with him and the powers of darkness passed on as she died. He has their strength, but not their weakness to sunlight or silver. He was lost and obsessed with vengeance until the one calling himself Fate intervened. Now, a town has been destroyed and all evidence points to a larger vampire conspiracy taking shape. When Blade is invited to investigate by a mysterious note, he senses a trap when he sees who it’s from: his father!

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