Hard-Traveling Fanboys GIANT-SIZED (P2B Comics Draft pitches)

Everything You See and Everything You DON’T Comics (Tim Capel)

The official logo of Everything You See and Everything You DON'T Comics.
The official logo of Everything You See and Everything You DON’T Comics.


Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Salvador Larroca

It’s Clark Kent’s first day on the job as metro reporter for the Daily Bugle. Exiled to an Earth with all the surface trappings of home – yet at the same time utterly foreign – Clark is slowly making the best of a bad situation. Superman, however, is more of a stranger than ever. The public whom Kal-El has sworn to protect look upon him with paranoia and suspicion, even as pitifully outclassed new adversaries fall at his feet with ease. To Superman, this world feels untrustworthy and paper-thin. Will he strive to assimilate without compromising his ideals? Or does he pull this flawed, fragile planet up to his level?
Guest-starring the Kingpin and Mister Hyde!

32 PGS, FC, RATED T. $2.99


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Ryan Stegman

Girls. School. Friends. Family. Girls. Money. Mexican drug lords. Girls. Miles Morales’ priorities are those of a typical 15-year-old kid… in most respects, at least. He’d like to think he’s getting better at compartmentalizing. Except his civilian and secret identities just keep colliding. If only the young hero could wield the same kind of influence as Miles that he can as Spider-Man…

Miles_Morales_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_1_Textless40 PGS, FC, RATED PG. $3.50


Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Ryan Stegman

Ms. Marvel is quickly learning that coming of age as a rookie superhero under tremendous public scrutiny means grappling with a totally unforeseen set of pressures. Kamala Khan has never thought of herself as a role model. Now, she must determine if she is up for the challenge — and whether it is worth the sacrifices of her private life.

32 PGS, FC, RATED A. $2.99


Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Jim Cheung

Cast-offs Wiccan, Hulking, Ms. Marvel, and Miles Morales insist that they are not another cliched collection of teen superheroes. They’ve simply found that they have more in common than not and look forward to these “group therapy” sessions – which have begun to attract even more kindred spirits. Of course, the world has a different plan in store. Witness these “lazy millennials” in their quest to reach for the brass ring (or not) each and every month. Featuring Graviton and A.I.M.!

32 PGS, FC, RATED B. $2.99


Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: George Perez

Mark Millar and a rotating assortment of the greatest artistic talents in all of comics converge to tell iconic, self-contained stories showcasing the diverse breadth and signature characters of the shared universe! First up, Millar partners with the legendary George Perez in putting a new spin on a classic team-up as Superman meets Spider-Man Miles Morales! But when all is said and done, who’s inspiring who? Plus: break out the popcorn for a throwdown with the Juggernaut!

legionof3worldscover40 PGS, FC, RATED TU. $3.50


Writers: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Artist: Carlos Pacheco

Assailed by fearful visions of the cosmos violently torn asunder and preyed upon by avaricious entities, Adam Warlock must summon the will to reform the Infinity Watch! Who among the ranks of the Silver Surfer, Thor, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), and Superman will join Warlock in safeguarding the fabled Infinity Gems? Plus: what is the Green Lantern Corps? And why do they think Warlock is overstepping his authority? Special appearance by Galactus!

32 PGS, FC, RATED P. $2.99


Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Carlos Pacheco

Upon the mysterious disappearance of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director, none other than Steve Rogers has been named as the organization’s new leader! Working round-the-clock to split his time between the director’s chair and costumed heroics, Steve soon realizes the world needs a full-time Captain America. Who will Steve choose as his replacement? Considering the conflict between his personal and professional motives, how long a leash can the director grant this new field agent? With the villainy of Crossbones and the Serpent Society!

32 PGS, FC, RATED ES. $2.99


Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: George Perez

In a perverse bid for immortality, the genocidal Ultron has seeded his consciousness across the Internet, turning virtually every networked device on Earth into his personal back-up system! Like an efficient virus, he can reconstitute himself, anytime, anywhere. Hank Pym knows the cure; he just needs a little help from his friends. Ant-Man, Hercules, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Black Knight, and the Thing assemble under the leadership of the Wasp as old school sensibility meets modern day existential menace.

40 PGS, FC, RATED ES. $3.50


Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Jim Cheung

With his Extremis formula co-opted by Ultron, Tony Stark will have to swallow his pride and work alongside former allies he had long since dismissed as physically and intellectually inferior. Assuming they’ll have him. Ties into ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1!

32 PGS, FC, RATED N+. $2.99


Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Mark Bagley

Like her predecessor, this new Thor must master the art of balancing competing demands. Duty calls her to Midgard, whose high-stakes battles offer a sense of familiarity. Its gender politics, though? Not so much. Thor is less than impressed with her new surroundings, but she’s determined to fulfill the responsibilities that come with the title “God of Thunder” of her own terms. Winning over human hearts and minds will be no small feat — assuming she even considers such petty mortal concerns a priority in the first place.

32 PGS, FC, RATED WR. $2.99


Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist: Alan Davis

And there came a day, unlike any other, when earth’s mightiest heroes were united against a common threat! On that day the …Retaliators…? were born! To fight the foes no single hero could withstand! Oh, what’s in a name anyway? When it’s Joss Whedon and Alan Davis chronicling the adventures of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, the Vision, the Beast, Wonder Man, and She-Hulk, do you really care what we call them? It was a stupid name anyway…

Just ignore the name!
Just ignore the name!

32 PGS, FC, RATED S. $2.99


Writers: Kurt Busiek and G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Salvador Larroca

No longer content to police the community itself, Scott Summers declares that a wholesale “rebranding” of mutankind is in order — with the X-Men leading the charge. To that end, the team reorganizes in a clearly defined, easily-identifiable core membership of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, Gambit, Psylocke, Cable, and Magik. Having learned from previous PR missteps, this time there will be no exclusive school. No Utopia. No vigilante justice. Now, the focus is on cultural currency: social media campaigns, lifestyle blogs, public speaking engagements, even a dedicated television network!  “Feared and hated?” That’s old news. To the X-Men, argument is over. Mutancy is mainstream, and its members will be afforded the same rights, protections, and privileges as the rest of humanity. Effecting societal change from within the system rather than from without. And if the X-Men should find themselves in a direct position to reap tangible benefits from their new celebrity? All the better, as far as Cyclops is concerned. Of course, not every mutant will take kindly to saving their genetic identity reappropriated.

40 PGS, FC, RATED J. $3.50


Writer: Peter David
Artist: Mark Bagley

Some people are just destined to keep falling into each others’ orbit… despite their best efforts to cut and run. When the U.S. government decides to reactivate X-Factor under the auspices of the new Division of Mutant Affairs, will Havok, Polaris, Jaime Madrox, Rictor, and Shatterstar answer the call? Or are they too preoccupied with “affairs” of a different kind? More importantly, how many people turned down the job before these guys started to look qualified again? It’s bureaucratic hijinks meeting classic mutant soap opera of the highest order, as only Peter David can deliver.

32 PGS, FC, RATED W. $2.99


Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: David Aja

Because why mess with success? Mark Waid’s acclaimed DAREDEVIL run continues! Through sheer force of will, Matt Murdock has managed to keep his demons at bay. But after a reluctant return to Hell’s Kitchen, some cracks are starting to show… with Bullseye and Typhoid Mary all too eager to capitalize!

Daredevil-500-Aja-fight32 PGS, FC, RATED T+. $2.99


Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: David Finch

Charting a bold new course as two of Moon Knight’s most celebrated contributors unite for the first time! Marc Spector can never be too sure of what’s real and what’s imagined. Or how flexible these concepts are under the sway of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. (Unless that too is part of the fantasy.) But when validation arrives in the form of the nihilistic Madcap, maybe ignorance is bliss.

32 PGS, FC, RATED PSR. $2.99


Writer: Marjorie Liu
Artist: David Aja

Daredevil, She-Hulk, Dakota North, and other multi-talented heroes pool their resources and considerable expertise to offer a full range of services to the super-powered community. Whether it’s legal counsel, financial management, private investigations, or escort/security, the Heroes for Hire have it covered! Their first client – none other than Miles Morales’ uncle, Aaron Davis, aka the Prowler – doesn’t know what he saw… but he knows it was too much. Now, Davis is in way over his head; and the Zodiac won’t hesitate to kill to keep their secrets.

32 PGS, FC, RATED PG+. $2.99


Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: David Finch

The premier, creator-owned horror comic now has a new home! For any ravenous followers of the series to date, Robert Kirkman promises more of what you already love. For any new readers and fans of the hit AMC drama, there’s never been a better time to join in the feeding frenzy. While you can never get too attached to its people or places, one thing that can be assured is this book’s future!

32 PGS, B&W, RATED EC. $2.99

and last but not least, the following press release…


Presenting the first FULLY DIGITALLY CONCEIVED comics experience that promises to revolutionize the industry! That’s right, we’re going all in! From delivery to content creation, NOVA CORPS will push the limits of our distribution platforms and virtual production technology.

By far the most cinematic adventure in the entire history of sequential art, NOVA CORPS will explore the vast wonders of space — WITHOUT the intrusion of a linear plot or sentient characters! In page after brilliantly rendered, digitally-painted page, NOVA CORPS will take readers on a limitless journey throughout the universe, from the formation of galaxies to the plugging of the Hole in Forever.

Asked for comment, noted television personality Neil deGrasse Tyson pointed out, “The thing about space is, there’s a lot of it.”

Bearing witness to a frozen moment in the life cycle of the Big Bang. A layover on Pluto. Capturing the gentle majesty of a red giant in its natural state. THRILL TO all of this and more in NOVA CORPS!

Independent filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron declared, “Wouldn’t you rather watch a movie?”

Dispensing with the constraints of human storytellers, the breathtakingly epic grandeur of NOVA CORPS will be created by the most sophisticated mechanized intelligence, drawing on a combination of stock footage and original, computer-generated imagery. Its tragically beautiful artistic landscapes will be accompanied by contexually-appropriate, lush, florid prose constructed from visual cues.

“I’m not sure I follow. It’s just an A.I. tracing our old stills and matte paintings, right?” asked STAR TREK: THE CONTINUING MISSION showrunner Glenn Butler.

NOVA CORPS follows the example of U2’s digital saturation initiative in the release of their 2015 album, “Songs of Innocence” of but goes a step further. Each issue will be uploaded to the entire user base of every digital media storefront without their lifting a finger! Subscribers will have a full 30 days to pay* before their accounts are turned over to collection. Autopay options are encouraged — and assured once readers get their first glimpse of NOVA CORPS!

“It’s fortunate this thing is digital only,” said fellow publisher Russell Sellers. “Trees would commit suicide if they knew they were going to end up as such trash.”

32 PGS, FC, RATED AA. $6.99 – NO ADS!

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