GIANT-SIZED Hard-Traveling Fanboys: P2B Fantasy Comics Draft

Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. Some events, however, call for more than just two fanboys to discuss. Banding together with fellow comic book aficionados on these occasions, Greg and Nick will present a GIANT-SIZED edition of their weekly column.

Greg: Ladies and gentlemen, what you’re about to view is living proof that five reasonably well-adjusted adults can still channel their inner 12-year-olds. You see, Nick and I started brainstorming a few months back for potential “Giant-Size” topics. Fantasy football drafts were taking over our lives at the time, which eventually led to a light bulb appearing above Nick’s noggin.

“What if,” he suggested, somewhat nervously, “we applied this same concept to comics?” Nick, I’ll let you take it from here.

Nick: Well, the general concept is this: the five members of P2B’s Comics staff all set up fictional companies in order to hold a 60-round draft. Over those 60 rounds, we drafted writers, artists and characters. Now, there were some limitations: Each company has to be able to produce between 15 and 20 monthly titles, with a character limited to 3 books per month, a writer limited to the same 3 books a month and an artist limited to 2 books per month. There were other ins and outs, but none that I can think of that are worth delving into. Greg?

Greg: That mostly covers the basics. The general thought process wasn’t to draft based on which characters would beat up each other, but rather to draft based on story ideas, intriguing creator-character pairings and general creative output. The rosters will ultimately be judged based on several factors — financial viability, strength of story pitches, personal preference and most innovative approaches. In a few months, each writer will have a chance to unveil the fictional solicitations for each of his company’s books.


Nick: Absolutely. But for now, we’re just going to reveal the draft results and pop in every few rounds to play the proverbial Mel Kiper and Todd McShay of the comics world. So, without any further adieu, here are the first 6 rounds of the P2B comics draft.

Round 1

1. Tim Capel: Superman

2. Todd Weber: Geoff Johns

3. Greg Phillips: Batman

4. Nick Duke: Spider-Man

5. Russell Sellers: Scott Snyder

Round 2

6. Russell Sellers: Ivan Reis

7. Nick Duke: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

8. Greg Phillips: Jim Lee

9. Todd Weber: Brian Michael Bendis

10. Tim Capel: Mark Waid

Round 3

11. Tim Capel: Daredevil

12. Todd Weber: The Flash (Barry Allen)

13. Greg Phillips: Ed Brubaker

14. Nick Duke: Thor

15. Russell Sellers: John Stewart

Round 4

16. Russell Sellers: Jason Aaron*

17. Nick Duke: J. Michael Straczynski

18. Greg Phillips: Wolverine

19. Todd Weber: Hulk

20. Tim Capel: Robert Kirkman

Round 5

21. Tim Capel: Mark Millar

22. Todd Weber: Greg Rucka

23. Greg Phillips: Jeff Lemire*

24. Nick Duke: Esad Ribic

25. Russell Sellers: Nightwing

Round 6

26. Russell Sellers: Gail Simone

27. Nick Duke: Andrea Sorrentino

28. Greg Phillips: Francis Manapul

29. Todd Weber: Aquaman

30. Tim Capel: Captain America

* Greg traded Jeff Lemire to Russell in exchange for Jason Aaron.

Nick: Ok, those are the first 30 selections in the books. Greg, any surprises that stand out to you so far?

Greg: The biggest shock early on happened right out of the gates, with Batman going third to me. Tim went with the Man of Steel, and then Todd took the guy you, Russell and I were targeting with the first overall pick. It was surprising, because Batman is unquestionably the most popular character in comics these days, in terms of sales and multimedia projects.

Superman was the first overall pick.
Superman was the first overall pick.

Nick: Yeah, Superman went off the board first as the number one pick, followed by Geoff Johns. Like you, I thought Batman was a sure-fire No. 1, so to see him fall all the way to No. 3 was a bit surprising. I also found it interesting how creator-heavy the early rounds were. 17 of the 30 picks were creators, whereas I thought people might go after A-list characters first. I certainly did, going with characters as my first 3 picks.

Greg: I’m of the belief that, with a few exceptions, creators are more valuable in today’s market than characters. For that reason, I wasn’t too stunned by that. Putting a creator like Geoff Johns on Aquaman elevated that book’s sales to previously unseen levels. Similarly, Jim Lee and Scott Snyder elevated Superman Unchained so much that it regularly doubled and even tripled the other Superman books in sales figures. Plus, top-level artists are hard to come by, so I made it a point to target them early … especially with our “two books” rule for them.

Nick: Fair point. Well, let’s move on to rounds 7-12.

Round 7

31. Tim Capel: Warren Ellis

32. Todd Weber: Doug Mahnke

33. Greg Phillips: Brian Azzarello

34. Nick Duke: Jock

35. Russell Sellers: Nicola Scott

Round 8

36. Russell Sellers: Nova (Richard Ryder)

37. Nick Duke: Ethan van Sciver

38. Greg Phillips: Wonder Woman

39. Todd Weber: Carol Danvers

40. Tim Capel: Iron Man

Round 9

41. Tim Capel: Peter David

42. Todd Weber: John Constantine

43. Greg Phillips: Shazam

44. Nick Duke: Peter Tomasi

45. Russell Sellers: Guy Gardner

Round 10

46. Russell Sellers: Darwyn Cooke

47. Nick Duke: John Romita Jr.

48. Greg Phillips: Green Arrow

49. Todd Weber: Brian K Vaughan

50. Tim Capel: Miles Morales

Round 11

51. Tim Capel: George Perez

52. Todd Weber: Gary Frank

53. Greg Phillips: James Robinson

54. Nick Duke: Hawkeye

55. Russell Sellers: Greg Capullo

Round 12

56. Russell Sellers: Storm

57. Nick Duke: Deadpool

58. Greg Phillips: Tony Harris

59. Todd Weber: Barbara Gordon

60. Tim Capel: Matt Fraction

 Nick: Ok, Greg, what stands out to you here in these rounds?

I thought Tim being able to get Iron Man and you being able to get Wonder Woman in Round 8 were both great value picks. Iron Man’s popularity has never been higher, and Wonder Woman is arguably the most famous female character in all of comics. Tremendous value still on the board in round 8.

"I'm kind of a big deal."
“I’m kind of a big deal.”

Greg: Creators continued to dominate the field in these rounds, as you sought to build your lineup of artists while others solidified their writing positions. These rounds also saw most of the big-box characters coming off the board and, at least in my case, the need to draft “replacements.” I couldn’t have Superman, so I went after Captain Marvel/SHAZAM.

One of the interesting draft strategies that began to take shape was the drafting of utility players — creators who can double as artists and writers. Russell nabbed the great Darwyn Cooke, Tim got George Perez, and I had nabbed Jeff Lemire earlier. It set a trend that would dictate strategies the rest of the way.

Nick: Yep. You nabbed Green Arrow, so I took Hawkeye to pair with my previous pick of Andrea Sorrentino. Everybody seemed to have a decent plan coming in, even if they did have to alter it at times to fit other characters in. Anyway, onto Rounds 13-18.

Round 13

61. Tim Capel: David Aja

62. Todd Weber: John Cassaday

63. Greg Phillips: Starlord

64. Nick Duke: Charles Soule

65. Russell Sellers: Jean Grey

Round 14

66. Russell Sellers: Aaron Kuder

67. Nick Duke: The Punisher

68. Greg Phillips: Grant Morrison

69. Todd Weber: Garth Ennis

70. Tim Capel: Kurt Busiek

Round 15

71. Tim Capel: Mark Bagley

72. Todd Weber: Doctor Strange

73. Greg Phillips: Starman (Jack Knight)

74. Nick Duke: Jason Todd

75. Russell Sellers: Gwen Stacy

Round 16

76. Russell Sellers: Dan Slott

77. Nick Duke: Nathan Edmondson

78. Greg Phillips: Stargirl

79. Todd Weber: Nick Fury

80. Tim Capel: Jonathan Hickman

Round 17

81. Tim Capel: Cyclops

82. Todd Weber: Steve Dillon

83. Greg Phillips: Keith Giffen

84. Nick Duke: J.M. DeMatteis

85. Russell Sellers: Sean Murphy

Round 18

86. Russell Sellers: The Question (Vic Sage)

87. Nick Duke: Rocket Raccoon

88. Greg Phillips: Sean Phillips

89. Todd Weber: Kevin Maguire

90. Tim Capel: Rick Remender

Greg: No real surprises here — though who would have thought, a year ago, that Rocket Raccoon would be so highly coveted? — except how far some prominent names fell. Grant Morrison and Dan Slott, in particular, slipped further than I expected they would.

Is this before or after he found Gideon's Bible?
Is this before or after he found Gideon’s Bible?

Nick: Also, here’s where cases of draft-induced rage started to set in, as both of us had targets that started to fly off the board. For example, you nabbed Keith Giffen, so I made sure to snap up JM DeMatteis before you got a chance to unite the dynamic duo.

Greg: I believe we termed it “hate-drafting.”

Todd nabbing Kevin Maguire just added to the rage for all sides.

Nick: Indeed. And it would only grow worse as the draft continued. Back to the picks. Here’s 19-24.

Round 19

91. Tim Capel: Salvador LaRocca

92. Todd Weber: Jessica Jones

93. Greg Phillips: Simon Baz

94. Nick Duke: Kelly Sue DeConnick

95. Russell Sellers: Booster Gold

Round 20

96. Russell Sellers: Blue Beetle

97. Nick Duke: Luke Cage

98. Greg Phillips: Rogue

99. Todd Weber: Iron Fist

100. Tim Capel: Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Round 21

101. Tim Capel: G. Willow Wilson

102. Todd Weber: Kitty Pryde

103. Greg Phillips: Starfire

104. Nick Duke: Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)

105. Russell Sellers: Bucky Barnes

Round 22

106. Russell Sellers: Tony Daniel

107. Nick Duke: G’Nort

108. Greg Phillips: Larfleeze

109. Todd Weber: Jeff Parker

110. Tim Capel: Dan Abnett

Round 23

111. Tim Capel: Andy Lanning

112. Todd Weber: Cliff Chiang

113. Greg Phillips: Frank Quitely

114. Nick Duke: Black Canary

115. Russell Sellers: Ryan Ottley

Round 24

116. Russell Sellers: Invincible

117. Nick Duke: Elektra

118. Greg Phillips: Chris Samnee

119. Todd Weber: Power Girl

120. Tim Capel: Beast

Nick: This was one of the cases where the snake draft format came in handy for Tim. He was able to use back-to-back picks to take Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, thus uniting the team of DnA.

Greg: Indeed, for the first time, we started to see familiar pairings partnered together. Russell grabbed both Booster Gold (much to my chagrin) and the Ted Kord iteration of Blue Beetle. Tim was also able to grab both Ms. Marvel and the writer who introduced the world to the Kamala Khan iteration of the character, G. Willow Wilson.

G. Willow Wilson
G. Willow Wilson

Greg: At this point, some of us were no doubt thrown off our games and working to find alternatives for foiled strategies. I was certainly in that position, but I was able to adjust eventually.

Nick: And more hate drafting. When Todd took Jessica Jones, a personal favorite of mine, I responded by spitefully taking her love interest, Luke Cage.

Greg: Likewise, Todd thwarted Tim’s raid on X-Men favorites by nabbing the beloved Kitty Pryde, while I drafted Rogue. Hey, Tim made his bed!

Nick: Ok, let’s see 25-30.

Round 25

121. Tim Capel: Emma Frost

122. Todd Weber: Huntress

123. Greg Phillips: Iceman

124. Nick Duke: Batwoman

125. Russell Sellers: Sandman

Round 26

126. Russell Sellers: JH Williams III

127. Nick Duke: Black Panther

128. Greg Phillips: Cyborg

129. Todd Weber: Mike Allred

130. Tim Capel: Hank Pym

Round 27

131. Tim Capel: Wasp

132. Todd Weber: Professor X

133. Greg Phillips: Mike Deodato

134. Nick Duke: The Spectre (Jim Corrigan)

135. Russell Sellers: Steve Niles

Round 28

136. Russell Sellers: Zatanna

137. Nick Duke: Swamp Thing

138. Greg Phillips: Francisco Francavilla

139. Todd Weber: Sam Wilson

140. Tim Capel: Quicksilver

Round 29

141. Tim Capel: Scarlet Witch

142. Todd Weber: Olivier Copiel

143. Greg Phillips: Jonah Hex

144. Nick Duke: Bryan Hitch

145. Russell Sellers: Javier Rodriguez

Round 30

146. Russell Sellers: Doctor Fate

147. Nick Duke: Sara Pichelli

148. Greg Phillips: Lobo

149. Todd Weber: Walt Simonson

150. Tim Capel: Carlos Pacheco

Nick: Bit of a run on supernatural characters here, as Sandman, Swamp Thing, Spectre, Zatanna and Doctor Fate all went off the board, as did Steve Niles, who seems like a great fit to write such characters.

Greg: Your pick of The Spectre particularly angered me, as I had visions of pairing him with artist Francesco Francavilla.

Superman is judged for his mid-'90s hairstyle.
Superman is judged for his mid-’90s hairstyle.

Russell also pulled off what I consider to be the coup of the draft, taking the amazing J.H. Williams III in round 26. We were all pretty flabbergasted that Williams slipped so far. I’d forgotten all about him, and when I saw him pop up, I cursed myself.

Nick: Russell and Tim both utilized their back-to-back picks well, with Russell snagging the aforementioned Sandman and Williams, while Tim picked up the children of Magneto — Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Greg: As well as one of Marvel’s preeminent couples, Hank and Janet Pym.

Nick: Onto 31-36.

Round 31

151. Tim Capel: Alan Davis

152. Todd Weber: Mr. Terrific

153. Greg Phillips: Jimmy Palmiotti

154. Nick Duke: Steve McNiven

155. Russell Sellers: Kieron Gillen

Round 32

156. Russell Sellers: Blade

157. Nick Duke: Stuart Immonen

158. Greg Phillips: Renee Montoya

159. Todd Weber: Howard Chaykin

160. Tim Capel: Silver Surfer

Round 33

161. Tim Capel: Adam Warlock

162. Todd Weber: Hawkman

163. Greg Phillips: Nightcrawler

164. Nick Duke: Jim Gordon

165. Russell Sellers: Jae Lee

Round 34

166. Russell Sellers: Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

167. Nick Duke: Harvey Bullock

168. Greg Phillips: Harley Quinn

169. Todd Weber: Chuck Dixon

170. Tim Capel: The Vision

Round 35

171. Tim Capel: Psylocke

172. Todd Weber: Colossus

173. Greg Phillips: Magneto

174. Nick Duke: Sinestro

175. Russell Sellers: Mike Mignola

Round 36

176. Russell Sellers: Hellboy

177. Nick Duke: Martian Manhunter

178. Greg Phillips: Namor

179. Todd Weber: Steve Epting

180. Tim Capel: Thor (female)

Nick: Here’s where perhaps the most blatant case of hate-drafting occurred. I picked Jim Gordon, something I planned on doing coming into the draft, as I think there’s something intriguing about a police procedural book focusing on Gordon. This kept you from using him with Batman in your universe, but you mistakenly informed us all that you would just use Harvey Bullock as police commissioner instead. So, I then drafted Harvey Bullock. A dick move, I’ll admit.

Greg: One for which I still haven’t forgiven you. I hope your Gordon/Bullock comic ends up as creatively bankrupt as the TV show “Gotham”!

Not sure if Penguin or lead singer from Good Charlotte.
Not sure if Penguin or lead singer from Good Charlotte.

In all seriousness (well, as seriously as you can take this subject), it was a clever move. It should be mentioned that another of our rules was that if you draft a character, it’s assumed you inherit his or her rogues gallery and supporting players UNLESS one of them is drafted by another participant. In that case, you can draft any character you like, but that character must be a featured star in one of your monthly books, either on its own or as part of a team.

However, in the face of that adversity, I feel this was my strongest stretch of picks, primarily because each of these picks was an individual or character I’d targeted before the draft began. I got Jimmy Palmiotti just a few picks after nabbing Jonah Hex, then was able to pair him with another of the writer’s favorite characters, the ridiculously popular Harley Quinn. I’d been targeting Renee Montoya for weeks, as I feel she’s currently one of comics’ most underused characters. I was able to hate-draft Nightcrawler, keeping him from both Russell and Tim (and shoring up my cast of mutants), and I became the first of us to draft a villain when I got the Master of Magnetism to begin a group I’d planned well in advance.

Nick: We also saw one of the newer creations in comics go off the board, as the much-publicized female Thor went to Tim in Round 36. With that, let’s take a look at 37-42.

Round 37

181. Tim Capel: Jamie Madrox

182. Todd Weber: Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)

183. Greg Phillips: Black Adam

184. Nick Duke: Red Robin

185. Russell Sellers: Brad Walker

Round 38

186. Russell Sellers: Wally West

187. Nick Duke: Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm)

188. Greg Phillips: Ralph Dibny

189. Todd Weber: Mera

190. Tim Capel: Gambit

Round 39

191. Tim Capel: Monica Rambeau

192. Todd Weber: Plastic Man

193. Greg Phillips: Bishop

194. Nick Duke: Supergirl

195. Russell Sellers: Greg Pak

Round 40

196. Russell Sellers: Black Widow

197. Nick Duke: Kate Bishop

198. Greg Phillips: Jeff Smith

199. Todd Weber: Kyle Baker

200. Tim Capel: Wonder Man

Round 41

201. Tim Capel: She-Hulk

202. Todd Weber: Shang Chi

203. Greg Phillips: Fiona Staples

204. Nick Duke: Speedball

205. Russell Sellers: Mikel Janin

Round 42

206. Russell Sellers: Ben Reilly

207. Nick Duke: Kyle Rayner

208. Greg Phillips: Dave Gibbons

209. Todd Weber: Arthur Adams

210. Tim Capel: Joss Whedon

Nick: Here’s where various teams we all had in mind started to take shape. I went almost exclusively with teenage characters here in order to build my own version of Young Justice. I was particularly proud of picking Kaldur’ahm, a vastly underutilized character.

Greg: I kept building my villains and mutant teams, and one other thing became readily apparent — Tim was building a roster filled to the brim with Marvel characters. In fact, outside Superman with his first pick, all his characters were Marvel-based, a fact that will no doubt please our colleague Ben Morse.

Nick: Tim also picked up what was perhaps the steal of the draft, getting geek lord Joss Whedon all the way down in the 42nd round. It was a pick that none of us had even considered.

Greg: We consulted PTBN Comics Draft official Mills Lane.


Todd also made a wise pick, drafting Mera, who I had targeted before the draft. Coupled with his earlier Aquaman pick, it was especially strong.

Nick: Moving on to rounds 43-48.

Round 43

211. Tim Capel: Marjorie Liu

212. Todd Weber: Brian Wood

213. Greg Phillips: Michael Lark

214. Nick Duke: Brad Meltzer

215. Russell Sellers: Jason Latour

Round 44

216. Russell Sellers: Roy Harper

217. Nick Duke: Saint Walker

218. Greg Phillips: Atrocitus

219. Todd Weber: Deathstroke

220. Tim Capel: Havok

Round 45

221. Tim Capel: Polaris

222. Todd Weber: Paul Dini

223. Greg Phillips: Animal Man

224. Nick Duke: Ray Fawkes

225. Russell Sellers: Captain Atom

Round 46

226. Russell Sellers: Ben Templesmith

227. Nick Duke: Billy Tan

228. Greg Phillips: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

229. Todd Weber: Rags Morales

230. Tim Capel: Magik

Round 47

231. Tim Capel: Hercules

232. Todd Weber: Katana

233. Greg Phillips: Bart Allen

234. Nick Duke: Emiko Queen

235. Russell Sellers: Van Jensen

Round 48

236. Russell Sellers: Caitlin Fairchild

237. Nick Duke: Damian Wayne

238. Greg Phillips: Adam Kubert

239. Todd Weber: The Atom (Ray Palmer)

240. Tim Capel: Rictor


Greg: Tim managed to acquire yet ANOTHER Marvel supercouple in Havok and Polaris.

Soapy '90s excellence!
Soapy X-ellence!

Nick: And I grabbed a supercouple in the making — the snotty teenage pairing of Emiko Queen and Damian Wayne.

Greg: Along the lines of the Joss Whedon and J.H. Williams picks earlier in the draft, Todd pulled a fast one by getting legendary Batman: The Animated Series writer Paul Dini. I’m a little surprised you didn’t look for a trade to acquire him.

Nick: I considered it, but without Batman to pair him with, I didn’t feel it was worth giving up some of my other assets.

In any event, let’s take a look at 49-54.

Round 49

241. Tim Capel: Shatterstar

242. Todd Weber: Raven

243. Greg Phillips: Human Torch

244. Nick Duke: Mockingbird

245. Russell Sellers: Archangel

Round 50

246. Russell Sellers: Amanda Conner

247. Nick Duke: Morbius

248. Greg Phillips: Doctor Doom

249. Todd Weber: The Phantom Stranger

250. Tim Capel: Cable

Round 51

251. Tim Capel: Black Knight

252. Todd Weber: Northstar

253. Greg Phillips: Hawkgirl

254. Nick Duke: Prisoner of War

255. Russell Sellers: Andy Diggle

Round 52

256. Russell Sellers: Nick Fury, Jr.

257. Nick Duke: Angela

258. Greg Phillips: Catwoman

259. Todd Weber: Alan Scott

260. Tim Capel: The Thing

Round 53

261. Tim Capel: Nick Spencer

262. Todd Weber: Jay Garrick

263. Greg Phillips: Superboy

264. Nick Duke: Cassandra Cain

265. Russell Sellers: Val-Zod

Round 54

266. Russell Sellers: Wildcat*

267. Nick Duke: Zilius Zox

268. Greg Phillips: Cullen Bunn

269. Todd Weber: Thomas Wayne (Batman of Earth-2)*

270. Tim Capel: John Layman

* Russell traded Wildcat to Todd in exchange for Thomas Wayne (Batman of Earth-2)

 Greg: In the previous set of picks, I hate-drafted Atrocitus, knowing your love of him and your plan to draft a Lantern of every color. You recovered nicely, though, by drafting the testicle with teeth known as Zilius Zox.

Nick: There were also some fairly notable characters still around for the taking — Thing, Human Torch, Cable and Superboy were all taken in this series of rounds. You also picked up Doctor Doom, which was a bit surprising to me.

Greg: One of my teams, from the get-go, was going to be filled with antiheroes and villains. For that reason, I felt it necessary to take Doom before anyone caught onto my strategy and hate-drafted him.

Todd’s pick of Jay Garrick meant that all four men who have taken on the mantle of The Flash were drafted.

Scott "Flash" Norton just missed the cut.
Scott “Flash” Norton just missed the cut.

Nick: Todd seemed to be building a Justice Society, which was thwarted a bit by Russell’s pick of Wildcat. Todd responded by grabbing Thomas Wayne of Earth 2, preventing Russell from completing the Batman/Superman pairing of Earth-2. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and the two traded their respective selections.

Greg: Let’s take a look at the last six rounds.

Round 55

271. Tim Capel: Jim Cheung

272. Todd Weber: Beast Boy

273. Greg Phillips: Justin Gray

274. Nick Duke: Indigo-1

275. Russell Sellers: Jason Fabok

Round 56

276. Russell Sellers: Donna Troy

277. Nick Duke: Glomulus

278. Greg Phillips: Dustin Nguyen

279. Todd Weber: Phil Jimenez

280. Tim Capel: David Finch

Round 57

281. Tim Capel: Ryan Stegman

282. Todd Weber: Samaritan

283. Greg Phillips: Domino

284. Nick Duke: Steel

285. Russell Sellers: Robert Venditti

Round 58

286. Russell Sellers: Miss Martian

287. Nick Duke: Batwing (Luke Fox)

288. Greg Phillips: Stephanie Brown

289. Todd Weber: Dr. Mid-Nite

290. Tim Capel: Wiccan

Round 59

291. Tim Capel: Hulkling

292. Todd Weber: The Confessor

293. Greg Phillips: Christopher Yost

294. Nick Duke: Detective Chimp

295. Russell Sellers: Phil Coulson

Round 60

296. Russell Sellers: Maria Hill

297. Nick Duke: Cosmo

298. Greg Phillips: Gamora

299. Todd Weber: Winged Victory

300. Tim Capel: Moon Knight

Nick: I basically was out to round out my planned teams, taking a bevy of cosmic characters, minorities and talking animals.

Tim, meanwhile, was able to unite one of the true rarities in comics — a homosexual couple, Hulkling and Wiccan.

Greg: A recent obsession with the cartoon “Wolverine and the X-Men” led me to take Domino, which may have been a stretch. But hey, she’s pretty cool! Russell got two underutilized but awesome characters in the iconic Donna Troy and the tangentially PTBN-related character Miss Martian (ask Ben sometime).

Todd shook things up by taking two characters from Kurt Busiek’s Astro City to end his part of the draft.

Nick: Moon Knight was also a pretty great choice as this draft’s Mr. Irrelevant, as I feel like that’s actually a character capable of carrying his own twisted solo series.

All in all, this was a very fun exercise to participate in. But, the fun isn’t over! In our next Giant Sized HTF, each member of the staff will be presenting his list of titles for your perusal.

Greg: Look for that in January. That gives all of us plenty of time to write solicits for our fictional books and come up with pitches that will hopefully entertain and intrigue you.

We hope you folks found this thought-provoking. We had a blast doing it, and while it may seem dumb, it was all about having some fun. We encourage you to try this with your own friends and colleagues, as it’s a heck of a fun way to pass the time.

Nick: As always, we welcome your feedback on Facebook, Twitter (@gphillips8652 and @nickduke87) or through email ( and For the full spreadsheet of all 60 rounds of the comics draft, click here.