Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 04/16/2014


Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Here you may find some things that amuse, some that titillate, and the occasional link that provokes. Do you have a link you want to see featured in next week’s Wednesday Walk? Email Glenn!

  • This year’s Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded! Did your favorites win?
  • Steve Wille would like us to see just some of the hot singles waiting for our calls in Mother Russia. Singles in your area are legion. Singles in your area are gathering. Singles in your area are waiting.
  • This Week in the History of Stuff I Liked as a Kid: Choose Your Own Adventure!
  • Comic Neue is an attempt to remake Comic Sans for a more distinguished eye.
  • You can write an engrossing story about the human drama arising from any situation. sit back and take in this Tecmo Super Bowl tournament game.
  • There are lots of things you can do with your day. You can educate yourself using a thousand different forms of media. You can entertain yourself and/or others. You can bolieve. You can help people, make a little bit of a difference in the world, make it just a slightly better place. with the limited time that you have (though Aubrey de Grey et al are working on that), don’t spend any of it shitting on park slides. Just…don’t.
  • This Week in Crows: Crows and ravens can handle delayed gratification.
  • “I use the word ‘totally’ way too much. I need to change it to something that’s different, but means the same thing. ‘Mitch, do you like submarine sandwiches?’ ‘All encompassingly.’
  • This Week in Criminal Masterminds: when you steal someone’s laptop, don’t call tech support for it, GEEZ.
  • Tow trucks really have come a long way.
  • Jason Krowe praises the internet gods. Is All Your Base really the domain of Plutold? Aww.
  • Our brains are really good at observing phenomena, discerning or imagining patterns, and ascribing purpose to them. It’s kind of our bag. Sometimes we take this sense of purpose and add to it a sense of control, and sometimes the mechanisms of that control come to seem absurd to us later. In the past, we’ve subjected animals to the rigors of our legal systems, because when a pig mauls your child you put it on trial. Sure. Of course you do.
  • Giancarlo Volpe reflects on the focus group study of Green Lantern, in the form of comics. This should be of particular interest for some of the Wednesday Walkers out there.
  • The internet has provided a Metroid-inspired EP. The internet is a nice place, sometimes.
  • Pretty much all of the pleasant places–the nice, comfortable, convenient places–have been found by now. To discover new places, you have to take some risks.
  • In our PTB Nation Links of the Week, my close personal long-time friend Tim Capel takes a deep, penetrating dive into the history and philosophy of Captain America. And then he does it some more!