Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 07/15/2019

Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or informative.

  • The Wednesday Walk can point you to many things, but I think of it mainly as a “Jolene” delivery vehicle. You may think that “Jolene” was the sole work of our lord and savior Dolly Parton, but as it happens she was standing on the shoulders of giants by adapting a traditional medieval ballad.
  • If you’re looking for fashion choices to truly echo our cultural moment (after the most important fashion tip for our cultural moment — put your fucking mask on), I would heartily recommend these gorgeous guillotine earrings.
  • Also in important instructional guides: If, theoretically, you should happen to spot a statue of a slaver or some other kind of monster in your region, there are a couple of ways to take it down, and Popular Mechanics is here to postulate, hypothetically, how a person might possibly go about doing just that. Potentially.
  • You know, I’m not here to tell you what you and your sweetums should and should not be getting down to. We all have our kinks, and yours is activated by Gilbert Gottfried’s Fifty Shades of Grey I value and honor that.
  • The past is all around us — sometimes you’re minding your business trying to dig out a place for a drainage pipe when you knock into a woolly mammoth. Could happen to any of us, really.
  • This survey of adults in the US shows approval of interracial marriage by 87% of those surveyed It’s spun as a massive shift from the earliest surveys, which it is — it’s also a significant shift from when it crossed 50% less than 25 years ago, but one shouldn’t miss that it’s also a horrifyingly low number.
  • It must be really hard to talk down a family member dealing with paranoid anxiety when light bulbs can be used as surveillance devices here in the real-deal world. If they’re hanging freely. And if someone has a clear line of sight through a window. If they’re not already measuring microscopic vibrations in the windows. If it actually matters that someone could theoretically do this when you have “smart” light bulbs (so Philips is already listening in on you) which are Alexa-enabled (so Amazon is already listening in on you), while holding your phone (so Verizon is already listening in on you (so Google is already listening in on you)) to ask Bixby (so Samsung is already listening in on you) to get your “smart” television (so LG is already listening in on you) to start playing something while you pursue our bold new work-from-home future on your laptop (so Microsoft is already listening in on you, and so is Dell).