This Week in Wrestling 3-3-17: Indy & International

TWIW Indy & International is back.

Pete and Timothy discuss:
1. CWF-Worldwide
-They discuss the show, and analyze all the matches. Timothy even discusses Trevor Lee and Cain Justice’s bun selling.
-They discuss and analyze the matches from the show.
-How Donovan Dijak was squandred in ROH
-How he seemed more important in other places.
-Matchups that ROH dropped the ball on.
3. NXT
-We breakdown the show.
-Hero vs Roode is booked for 3/15, why?
-DIY does it again.
4. Evolve 78
– The guys give the show a thumbs up or down.
– Breakdown and give star ratings to all the matches.
-Is Fred Yehi the best wrestler in the world right now? Pete throws a couple of other options out there.