PTBN’s WrestleMania List-a-Mania – Day Six: Best WrestleMania Tag Line

In honor of WrestleMania 33, members of the PTBN Staff has gathered to create a series of 33 lists, all dedicated to the rich history of WWE’s grandest spectacle. Each contributor assigned a ranking of 1-10 and votes were tallied accordingly. We will be releasing one list per day, with the final list to be posted on April 1, 2017, the day prior to WrestleMania 33! Be sure to share your feedback with us on social media! You can view the complete series here!

Day Six: Best WrestleMania Tag Line

Others Getting Votes: Houston, We Have a Problem – WMX7 (20), The Greatest Wrestling Event of All Time – WM1 (20), Ten Years in the Making – WMX (17), Once in a Lifetime – WMXXVIII (12), What the World Has Come To – WM2 (10), The World’s Largest Toga Party – WMIX (5), The One & Only – WMX8 (4), DX Raided – WMXIV (2), A McMahon in Every Corner – WMXVI (2), Coming Home – WM29 (1), Austin. Michaels. Tyson. – WMXIV (1), All Day Long – WMXVI (1), Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler – WMXXX (1)

10. The Ragin’ Climax – WrestleMania XV (24 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#2 (Glenn Butler)

As the Attitude Era was in full bloom, rage was the perfect way to describe many of the proceedings seen on a Monday night. Anger and angst filled the air in the War Zone and heading into WrestleMania XV, we were set to watch the climax of the white hot Austin vs. McMahon feud that had been burning for nearly a year. Thus, the Ragin’ Climax.

9. All Grown Up – WrestleMania 23 (26 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#3 (Neil Trama & Steve Riddle)

The tag line for WrestleMania 23 was one that brought about a double meaning. It covered the actual aging of the featured superstars of the evening, discussing how they were in awe of WrestleMania as children and now had grown up to take the stage themselves. It also referred to WrestleMania returning to Detroit 20 years since WrestleMania III, now all grown up into a matured, blown out supershow.

8. Super Stars & Stripes Forever – WrestleMania VII (31 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#3 (Tim Capel)

With the Gulf War tapering off, the WWF still forged ahead strongly with a heavy dose of Americana in 1991. The WWF Title was around the waist of Iraqi sympathizer and American turncoat Sgt. Slaughter and Mr. USA himself Hulk Hogan had been named #1 contender for WrestleMania VII. With that battle for the country on the line in the main event, the entire show was doused in red, white and blue with American flags everywhere. Jingoism aside, it led to a festive, unique and memorable atmosphere.

7. WrestleMania Goes Hollywood – WrestleMania 21 (32 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#4 (Neil Trama & Brian Bayless)

WrestleMania would return to Los Angeles in 2005 and instead of Americana, this go around they decided to go with a heavy Hollywood theme. In the build up to the show, WWE stars were featured in fantastic spoofs of famous movies to help sell both the show and the concept. The set itself was nicely done too, with a Hollywood marquee hanging over the entrance which would get updated each match with the names of the superstars as they battled in the ring.

6. Big Time – WrestleMania 22 (44 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#1 (Scott Criscuolo)

The tag line for WrestleMania 22 was built on the back of its iconic theme song: Big Time by Peter Gabriel. It also fit in perfectly given the way over the top and off the rails position the company was in at the time. Everything was grandiose, juiced up and maniacal, just like the bloated and excessive 1980s, which is what the theme song was all about.

5. Bigger! Better! Badder! – WrestleMania III (45 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#2 (Mike Eller & Steven Ferrari)

The tag line for WrestleMania III was a simple one. This was to be the biggest and best WrestleMania yet, with over 90,000 fans packed inside the Silverdome for a historic clash between icons in the main event.

4. What the World Is Watching – WrestleMania IV (50 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#1 (Tim Capel)

The tagline for WrestleMania IV would also end up becoming the general tagline for all WWF programming of the era. Any fan of the era knows the iconic opening tag with the WWF logo flying through the mountains as the voiceover boomed through your speakers… What the World Is Watching! And in March 1988, all eyes were gazed on Trump Plaza and the huge WWF Title tournament.

3. Where It All Begins Again – WrestleMania XX (63 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#1 (Jason Greenhouse, Brian Bayless & Steve Riddle)

In many ways, WrestleMania XX was seen as a reset of the company and with the show taking place back in MSG, there were plenty of tie ins to the original installment back in 1985. With a refocus on pure athleticism and in ring action, WWE catered to their hardcore fans by crowning Chris Benoit as World Champion to close the show. It was also hinted in the opening video that the company would be in McMahon hands for decades to come as we saw a brief image of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Vince’s newborn grandson.

2. The Ultimate Challenge – WrestleMania VI (66 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#3 (Scott Criscuolo, Glenn Butler, Steven Ferrari & Jason Greenhouse)

WrestleMania VI was a show built around one massive money match: The Ultimate Challenge. The unstoppable Ultimate Warrior was set to challenge the iconic Hulk Hogan in a true clash of the WWF titans. Naming the show after its main marquee match made all the sense in the world. It was all that was needed.

1. The Mega Powers Explode – WrestleMania V (73 Points)
Highest Ranking: 
#1 (Neil Trama & Mike Eller)

It is fitting that the greatest WrestleMania tagline of all time was established on the back of the climax of the greatest WWF storyline of all time. Simmering and then eventually boiling for well over a year, WrestleMania V was the stage for Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage to finally have their showdown of the WWF Championship. The Mega Powers were set to explode in Atlantic City, that is why everyone was watching. Sometimes the simplest, most obvious choice is the best choice.