Desert Island Pop Culture Tournament: Round Three – Day Two

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The premise is easy. You are stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life and are permitted to bring just one entertainment choice along with you. Chad Campbell & Justin Rozzero, along with an assist from the PTB Nation staff, have chosen 64 essential items across eight different categories. After a random draw, these 64 items have been matched up tournament-style. You will vote to determine the one item you could never live without! Here are the categories!

Games & Activities: All materials needed to play the game or activity are included

Yearly Events: You get to watch these special televised events each year

Complete Television Series Collection: You receive a DVD set of the entire series

Complete Movie Series Collection: You receive a DVD set of the entire collection of movies, where applicable

Wrestling Pay Per View DVD: You receive a DVD copy of the full unedited wrestling DVD

Magazine Collection: You receive an ongoing subscription to the magazine

Complete Video Game Series Collection: You receive a copy of the entire series of a game title, where applicable

Music Albums: You receive a digitally mastered CD of the album

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In case you missed it, don’t forget to vote on Day One of Round Three.


Region El Gigante

Olympics vs. NFL Conference Championships & Super Bowl


We kick off day two of round three with a battle between the premier International athletic competition and the pinnacle of the NFL season.

The Modern Olympic Games are a true worldwide event.  Invoking ancient origins, the modern Summer Olympic Games debuted in 1896 after the formation of the International Olympic Committee.  The Winter Games came on the scene in 1924.  Both summer and winter games mix some of the greatest athletes in the world in a variety of events to suit any sports or games fan.  The variety of the events and the stories that intertwine each games always is my favorite aspects as a sport like curling is something that I only care about every four years, but if the U.S. is competing in the finals, I am invested heavily in the outcome.  One would hope that national pride would not be lost on a desert island.

It is no secret that the NFL is booming right now.  Bypassing MLB as the #1 U.S. sport, the ratings for the championship games and especially the Super Bowl are astronomical.  The Super Bowl in fact has become a holiday that is looked forward to as much as some of the most revered holidays in our culture.  It is essential that you at least have a passing knowledge of who is competing in these games to avoid facing ridicule at the office the next morning.  Watching these three games will allow you to have a passing knowledge on the full NFL season as a whole and maybe celebrate a championship in style on the desert island.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day Two

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Region VKM

Baseball & Glove vs. Money in the Bank 2011


To advance to the VKM finals we have the past-time of a baseball and glove going up against one of the most exciting main events (and pay-per-view) in wrestling history.

A baseball and glove means more than simply throwing and catching a ball for a variety of people.  It symbolizes for me personally some of the best bonding experiences between loved ones a great release from everyday mundane life.  Throwing a ball around while exploring the island sounds like a Twain-ish endeavor.

Money in the Bank 2011 seemed like a ho hum PPV three weeks out.  Then, CM Punk cut “the promo” and the rest is history.  The build and intrigue to the MITB PPV has been unmatched since.  For a long term fan like myself, it harkened back to the pre-internet and dirtsheet days.  The PPV didn’t disappoint with two really good ladder matches and another great match in the outstanding feud between Christian and Randy Orton.  The attraction that catapults this show into a list like this is the main event.  CM Punk vs. John Cena was one of the best PPV matches of all-time and was beautifully crafted to have the finish be satisfying but exhilarating to see what would happen next.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day Two

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Region Dennis Stamp

Basketball & Hoop vs. Star Wars


Next up is another physical sport versus the Star Wars franchise.

Created in 1891 by a weary gym teacher on a rainy day, the sport of basketball is now played across gyms, playground and driveways across the world on a daily basis. Originally played with a soccer ball and a peach basket, the sport has evolved immensely and now consists of a metal cylinder raised ten feet off the ground and affixed to a backboard and a 22 oz inflated ball. The simple complexity of the game is what makes it great and of any sporting equipment in existence, is the most conducive to spending eternity trapped on a desert island.

If you haven’t seen Star Wars, I don’t know what to tell you.  The first trilogy, starting with Episode Four, that was released in 1977 is one of the most heralded movie trilogies in history.  The second trilogy could be used for comic relief on the island and you may be able to become good friends with Jar Jar Binks.  Who knows what the new trilogy yet to be released will hold.  Let your inner nerd live on the desert island with these cinematic gems.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day Two

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Region Hacksaw

Seinfeld vs. Curb Your Enthusiasm


We punch our last ticket to the final eight with a mammoth battle between two all-star television comedies!

Debuting in near anonymity on Wednesday July 5, 1989, Seinfeld didn’t seem long for the TV world. However, the network stood by it and after a move to Thursday nights, the writers, including legend Larry David, and actors found their inspiration, leading to officially launching an epic run of high quality, well woven, time tested sitcom gold. Gold, Jerry. Gold. With a main cast of aces, the stacked supplemental roster flanking Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer added to the show’s rise to prominence. Seinfeld would become a ratings juggernaut and still dominates the airwaves 15 years after it closed up shop. It’s influence in pop culture ranks as highly as an TV show ever created, as catchphrases and memorable moments are still quoted endlessly to this day. Many shows have tried to be Seinfeld, but the shadow this sitcom giant casts makes it near impossible to knock it off its perch as the greatest sitcom ever created.

Originally airing as an HBO special but picked up as full time series, Curb Your Enthusiasm hit the premium cable airwaves in 2000. Starring Seinfeld co-creator Larry David as himself, Curb follows the day-to-day minutiae and antics of its lead character, his wife, friends and colleagues. The show is filmed around a loose script with improvise dialogue and is littered with fantastic cameos and over the top every day scenarios that David always seems to find trouble within. The show continues to get better with age, as two of the best seasons have come over the past three (seasons 6 and 8). Whether you love or hate Seinfeld, if you love to laugh at awkward comedy and always find yourself in socially troublesome situations, you owe it to yourself to check out Curb. It’s pretty…pretty…pretty…good.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day Two

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