Desert Island Pop Culture Tournament: Round Three – Day One

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The premise is easy. You are stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life and are permitted to bring just one entertainment choice along with you. Chad Campbell & Justin Rozzero, along with an assist from the PTB Nation staff, have chosen 64 essential items across eight different categories. After a random draw, these 64 items have been matched up tournament-style. You will vote to determine the one item you could never live without! Here are the categories!

Games & Activities: All materials needed to play the game or activity are included

Yearly Events: You get to watch these special televised events each year

Complete Television Series Collection: You receive a DVD set of the entire series

Complete Movie Series Collection: You receive a DVD set of the entire collection of movies, where applicable

Wrestling Pay Per View DVD: You receive a DVD copy of the full unedited wrestling DVD

Magazine Collection: You receive an ongoing subscription to the magazine

Complete Video Game Series Collection: You receive a copy of the entire series of a game title, where applicable

Music Albums: You receive a digitally mastered CD of the album

Come back each and every day to vote and share your opinions at the Place to Be Nation Facebook page!


Region El Gigante

WrestleMania x7 vs. Super Mario Bros.


First up to punch a ticket to the Gigante Region final is a match-up featuring one of the most popular wrestling pay-per-views of all-time and arguably the most popular gaming franchise in history.  Which would you rather have while being stranded under a palm tree?

Emanating from the sold out Houston Astrodome at the peak of the Attitude Era boom, WrestleMania x7 delivered plenty of high quality wrestling action, excitement, storyline payoffs and memorable moments. The show was main evented by a legendary brawl between icons Steve Austin and The Rock and has immense re-watchability. Plus Repo-Man is involved.

Released in 1985 and paired with the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Mario Bros. took the pop culture world by storm. Receiving immediate praise and lauded as an innovator the 2D scroll style, this version of the game would eventually reach an amazing 40 million copies sold, making it the second most purchased video game of all time. Mario and Luigi would stick with gamers for decades, appearing in 18 more games dedicated just to their adventures, plus cameos in handfuls of others. Their place in pop culture is sealed as it would be hard pressed to come across somebody that had never at least heard of the sewer-dwelling paisans.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day One

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Region VKM

World Series vs. Royal Rumble 1992


Next up in the VKM region is a battle between the final of a national pastime and another stout wrestling pay-per-view, arguably the greatest Royal Rumble show in history.

Dating back to 1903, the World Series has been the culmination of the lengthy baseball season. Every October, the world would turn its eyes to the diamond to see which team would be crowned champions of baseball. The Boston Americans won that first championship tilt and since then we have witnessed 110 years of epic baseball moments and memories. Heroes have been born and Hall of Fame moments spill out of the Fall Classic and into the archives for future generations to study and enjoy. Baseball has been at the heart of America since the dawn of the 20th century and continues to own us until this day. Despite labor troubles and scandals littered through its history, the game has endured on. And although we say goodbye each winter, you always know it will be right there waiting to waste time with you each and every summer night, just like an old reliable friend should be.

Coming at you live from Albany, NY on January 19, the 1992 edition of the Royal Rumble was the first to offer a true prize. And that prize was a dandy, as the winner would walk away with the vacant WWF World Title. Despite a shaky undercard, the loaded Rumble match was a who’s who of former and future world titleholders. Featuring a beautifully woven storyline throughout, with Ric Flair entering early and trying to deliver on his promise of being the “Man”, expert tour de force commentary from Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan, a wild crowd and all the top stars of the day, the 1992 Rumble match still stands as the peak example of the gimmick to this day. Flair would outlast 29 men to take home the gold, and his epic post-match promo put the cherry on top of this delicious wrestling sundae.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day One

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Region Dennis Stamp

Pool Table vs. Wrestling Observer Newsletter


Next up in the Dennis Stamp region is a battle between getting to play billiards for your time on the island versus reading Dave Meltzer’s newsletters.

Pool, or pocket billiards, is a standard table based cue game in which the goal is to knock in as many of your designated balls before your opponent does. In the United States, the most commonly played game of the genre is eight-ball. Pool tables are often found in bars, taverns or game rooms but are also prevalent at home as well.

Launched in 1983 by Dave Meltzer, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON), has been the go-to source for wrestling (and eventually MMA) news, notes, rumors and archives for decades. With an ever growing circulation and a massive online presence, the WON still stands as the official word on the backroom dealings of pro wrestling. The newsletter is published weekly and contains oodles of information and some of the best biographical looks at wrestling’s greats that you will find this side of Chad Campbell. Even if you have never subscribed, not a week goes by that an in-the-know wrestling fan isn’t affected by Meltzer’s writing in some way.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day One

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Region Hacksaw

WWE Big Four Pay-Per-Views vs. Stanley Cup Finals


To viewing giants face off in a battle to advance to the Jim Duggan final.  On one hand you have the four biggest wrestling PPVs each year and on the other you have the most exciting postseason in professional sports.

Starting in 1989, the WWE officially began offering four major pay-per-view events each year: Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. As the PPV calendar has filled up over the years, one thing remains the same: the Big Four will always have the most hype and deliver the biggest and brightest moments in pro wrestling. While Survivor Series and SummerSlam ebb year to year, you know that the WWE hype and creative machine will always be working overtime to ensure Royal Rumble and WrestleMania deliver the goods. And no matter how depleted the roster is or how tepid the storylines are, you know that each January the Royal Rumble match itself will be entertaining from bell to bell. Plus, it officially starts the company down the road to the biggest weekend of the year.

The first Stanley Cup Finals occurred in 1914, and ever since has been one of the most beloved sports championship series, catering to both diehard and casual fans alike. With goals at a premium, every minute of ever game is heart wrenching, nerve racking and can’t miss, something no other sport can lay claim to. And some years, like 2013, you get that perfect mix of quality, tradition and heart, which delivers an epic series to watch.

Desert Island Tournament Round Three - Day One

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