Blockbuster Rewatch – Captain Marvel (#22)

On the twenty-second episode of Blockbuster Rewatch, Andy Atherton welcomes Mirandia Berthold to do a live watch of 2019’s Captain Marvel continuing his MCU rewatch. Originally broadcasted live on Stream Lounge, the duo discusses the touching tribute to Stan Lee in the Marvel Studios open; the casting of Brie Larson; age gaps; Annette Benning & Jude Law in the MCU; advances in space ships; the friendship of Carol & Maria; flying insects; Captain Marvel’s power ranking; Blockbuster; the 90’s setting and soundtrack; the de-aging of Nick Fury & Phil Couslon; Skrulls shape-shifting; hunt and peck typing style; how to figure out if one is a Skrull; toast cutting preferences; Schoolhouse Rock; Goose The Flerken; departures from the comics; fried green tomato sandwiches; Fonzie lunch boxes; if Ronan The Accuser was redeemed; Nick Fury’s eye injury; the pager and where the MCU will go from this point.

To watch the Stream Lounge Broadcast, click on the link below: