Between the Sheets #65: October 12-18, 2004


Kris & David are guestless this week talking about the week that was October 12-18, 2004. We talk about Pat Patterson leaving the WWE and why that happened plus the $1,000,000 Tough Enough finalists and their chances to win. We talk about Riki Choshu coming back to New Japan and the political maneuvering that was going on. We also talk about the tragic career ending injury to Naohiro Hoshikawa and how this was the beginning of the downfall of ZERO-ONE. We also talk about everything going on in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Indies, and finally TNA where the craziness was going on back then as well. This is a great show so listen now!!


0:00:00 WWE

1:26:59 Japan (AJPW, NJPW, Noah, Dragon Gate, IWA, K-Dojo, Osaka Pro, Toryumon X, Zero-One, Gaea, K-1, Pancrase,& Pride) & Germany

2:33:33 The Amazon Game

3:10:01 Other North America: Canada, AAA, EMLL, IWRG, Monterry, & IWAPR

3:37:40 U.S. Indies (CZW, 3PW, ROH, OVW, USACW, NWA Wildside, & Rev Pro) & Potpourri

4:31:57 TNA

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