This Week In Wrestling 10/16/16


Fall 1

Johnny picks about the worst match in the NWA on Demand service. The Big Uhmm vs Twin Devil. Then Pete talks about the current ROH show. Hint he loved O’Reilly and Shibata. Pete and Johnny discuss how and why no selling can work dramatically. They talk about how it can be over used.

Fall 2

Timothy joins Pete to talk the current episode of Lucha Underground. Come hear what we thought of the show. Then they shift over over to CWF Mid-Atlantic. Both guys rave about Trevor Lee vs Arik Royal. Find out who Pete compares Trevor Lee to. Then they breakdown the latest Progress shows. We give thoughts and star ratings on all the matches. The guys talk about how Progress from 6 months ago seems like 6 years ago. Is Progress evolving into something else? Is it getting too big?

Fall 3

We talk about all stuff WWE. We defend Samoa Joe as a character, but have differing opinions on in ring work. Some fun Goldberg-Lesnar talk. Gush over Miz, and throw some love at the Spirit Squad. Johnny and Pete show their softer side and defend the women on Raw.

00:00:30 Fall 1

00:00:48 NWA on demand The Big Um v The Red/Twin Devil

00:09:45 ROH TV

00:19:25 Fall 2 WON HOF talk

00:37:06 Lucha Underground

00:54:00 CWF-Mid-Atlantic Worldwild

01:02:25 Progress Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Room…Again

01:46:33 Fall 3 NXT

02:04:53 RAW

02:46:48 SD! Live

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