Bayless’ WWE RAW Rundown 6/12/17

June 12, 2017
From the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA
Your hosts are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T

We are first shown a video package of Samoa Joe from last week where he put Paul Heyman in the Coquina Clutch before calling out Brock Lesnar to hype up tonight’s confrontation.

The show starts off with Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman heading to the ring. Heyman tells us today is Samoa Joe’s day of reckoning. He then goes back to last week and said he thought he was respectful by asking Joe to come into the ring but Joe was like a shark and took him out. He then says this was not about a beef they had but rather Joe kicking down Lesnar’s front door and now, Lesnar has a problem with Joe. Heyman then asks us to think about all of the Samoans who have been in this business and to think about their accomplishments as he says they all want nothing to do with Joe, who Lesnar calls a “punk” and a “dog” whose biggest accomplishment is putting him in the Coquina Clutch. He then tells Joe he is not man enough to get the Clutch on Lesnar but as that happens, Joe comes out and heads straight to the ring. Heyman steps onto the apron as Joe comes into the ring. Lesnar and Joe stare each other down then Joe hammers away. They brawl then security heads in to break it up but Lesnar takes them down. Both men go at it again as the locker room empties out to break this up but they struggle as Joe breaks free and takes Lesnar down with a super kick that also knocks down the several guys who here holding Lesnar back. Everyone is outside as Lesnar and Joe are finally separated.

Excellent segment. The pull-apart brawl looked great and Heyman was once again fantastic on the microphone. With a genuinely fresh matchup, the WWE has so far done a remarkable job in making you want to see this match. Joe really has stepped up his game on the main roster. 

After the break we are shown clips of the Lesnar/Joe brawl.

Elias Samson sings us a song inspired by the crowd in order to break the tension. He sang about how the Cajuns should be caged up before switching over to Dean Ambrose.

Elias Samson vs. Dean Ambrose

These two start off by fighting over a lockup in the corner. Samson then cheap shots Ambrose against the ropes but Ambrose comes back with a spinning back elbow smash. Samson ducks outside for a breather then we head to commercial. The action returns with Samson in control as Booker keeps talking about his star qualities. The crowd gets on Samson then he applies a chinlock. Ambrose escapes then hits a back suplex as both men are down. They get up and trade chops until Ambrose runs wild. He nearly puts Samson away with a fisherman’s suplex then low-bridges Samson after getting hit with a big boot and flies out with a tope. Ambrose heads up top but Samson cuts him off and tries for a superplex but Ambrose blocks it and headbutts Samson off as Samson’s arm hit the rope on the landing. The Miz runs down and distracts Ambrose as Samson rolls him up for a nearfall. Ambrose comes back with a clothesline then heads out and heads towards Miz, who uses Maryse as a shield. Ambrose chases Miz around then just beats the ten count but as he rolls inside, Samson hits a double knee drop then puts Ambrose away with a swinging neckbreaker (11:53) **1/4.

Thoughts: The match itself was average but the end was really dumb. Ambrose was on the outside for about fifteen seconds before the ref started the ten count. It also means the Miz/Ambrose feud continues but that’s something that has reached it’s expiration date if you ask me.

Later tonight, Cesaro & Sheamus will defend the Tag Team Championship against the Hardy Boyz.

Goldust is back with another promo. He calls out R-Truth for being jealous and that he got to him before he did as he tells us no one ever got him. He then says ignorance can be beautiful but just like beauty, nothing lasts forever. He then declares that the “Golden Age” is back.

Kurt Angle confronts Miz backstage and is pissed over what he did. Miz fires back about Ambrose ruining his celebration last week and that he ruined the grandfather clock his wife bought for him. Miz then calls Angle out for being too involved with his personal problems and not paying enough attention to his job before suggesting he suspend Ambrose. Angle asks Miz what he heard about his personal problems then tells him he will do nothing to Ambrose and he can go ahead and do something himself.

We get a video package on Cedric Alexander. After that, Noam Dar is in the locker room complaining about something as Alexander tells him they are done. Alicia Fox then appears on Dar’s phone as she tells Cedric to say something to her face and she hopes that Dar kicks his face in as they will face off after the break.

Cedric Alexander vs. Noam Dar

As Dar heads out to the ring, we can see and hear Fox on the phone as its shown on the screen. She tries to give Dar advice and says Cedric is sneaky. Dar puts the phone down as we can still hear and see everything then the bell rings as Dar walks into a Lumbar Check as Cedric gets the win (0:09). After the match, Fox keeps yelling for Dar as Cedric is laughing his way to the back.

Thoughts: The Fox/Dar stuff was just horrendous and I really hope its the end of this and they find something better for Cedric because feuding with Dar is death for a babyface and he has more potential than most among the Cruiserweights.

We get a video package on Roman Reigns, ending with him telling us that this is his yard. It then leads to Cole telling us that next week, Reigns will reveal his plans for SummerSlam.

Bray Wyatt tells us the world is collapsing under the weight of its own sin. He then says he is the only one that can save us before heading out to the ring. While in the ring, Bray tells us we will punished like Seth Rollins, who thinks he has it all. However, last week Seth’s glass house came tumbling down and his ignorance has painted a vivid picture of a law we should learn to live by and that is if we take his name in vain, we will fall. Seth comes out to interrupt and wants to know if he really cost him his match against Samoa Joe last week because he was called a “false prophet.” Seth says that is the truth and calls Bray out as a guy who drinks too much of his own Kool Aid and when called out and forced to face the truth, he has to hide in the darkness. Seth then calls Bray a coward and if he does not agree, then prove him wrong. Bray laughs and tells Seth his pride will betray him and that he oozes arrogance. He then says when he looks at Seth, he sees a man who is beneath him and that he does not want the fight as Seth cannot handle his partner. The lights then go out and return with Seth alone in the ring. They go out again as Bray is now on the screen telling Seth he might have found the will to slay a king but that he is a god and a god lives forever. Bray then laughs as the segment ends.

At this point, having Bray come out and saying he is a god and portraying him as a major threat just seems ridiculous. Plus, the end of this came off really corny and the rest like every other promo we’ve seen from him over the past year. I guess these two are feuding now as it did appear at one point Balor vs. Bray was in the works. Not the best way to start off a new feud. 

Charly Caruso is backstage with the Hardy Boyz. They put over the physicality of Cesaro & Sheamus but they will reclaim the Tag Team Titles.

Kalisto vs. Apollo Crews/ Titus O’Neill

Akira Tozawa is in the front row wearing a suit as he is still being recruited for the Titus Brand. Kalisto hits a kick and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to start. Crews breaks up a handstand then gets two with a snap suplex then works a front facelock on the mat. Titus keeps trying to recruit Tozawa, who responds by blocking his ears, as Kalisto fights back. He takes Crews over with a springboard hurricarana then after a distraction by Titus attempts a handspring move but Crews catches him and hits a spinning sitout powerbomb for the win (2:18) *. After the match, Tozawa claps for his friend Crews then Titus lifts him up over the guardrail and brings him into the ring to celebrate then take a group selfie.

Thoughts: The action was fine for what it was but at some point they have to advance this Titus Brand storyline to more than just Titus trying to recruit everyone and getting declined. This pairing has not done anything to get you to care about Crews either. Basically, these other three guys are all supporting characters for Titus.

Heath Slater & Rhyno are eating crackers with spray cheese backstage. The Miz & Maryse come over and tell them that Angle has held them back and is now giving Heath a spot in his entourage and can ask anything. Heath said that as far back as he can remember as a kid, he wanted to be the Intercontinental Champion as Miz said he can get an opportunity to do so if he joins him. Rhyno keeps Miz he already has a partner and he better find one because he is going to ask Angle for a match tonight before stuffing his mouth.

Alexa Bliss comes out to the ring. She talks about retaining the RAW Women’s Championship against Bayley at Extreme Rules but instead of getting the celebration she deserved, Angle made her defend the Championship against Nia Jax. She then talks about being the Goddess of the WWE but Nia comes out to interrupt. Nia brings up how Alexa promised her a title opportunity as Alexa tries to backtrack. She then talks about wanting to have a classic match with her that fans can watch over and over again on the WWE Network. Alexa then tells her that Mickie James & Dana Brooke are the real problems and should be held accountable but now those two come out. Mickie calls Alexa a “dwarf” and reminds her she is a six-time Women’s Champion and how she told them it was unfair that Nia was getting a title match. Dana said Alexa’s exact words were that “we have a Nia Jax” problem as Alexa tells everyone to calm down and tells Nia Dana is the “epitome of a disgruntled worker” and Mickie whose spotlight is fading away. However, Emma now comes out to interrupt and says she is back and ready to reclaim the spotlight. Alexa laughs at Emma telling her she is ready to take her spot at the top of the division but Sasha Banks now comes out. Sasha tells Alexa she has it twisted as the fans chant her name. Sasha tells Alexa being the champion is proving you are the best day in and day out but all she wants to do is come out and run her mouth. Sasha then puts her arm around Alexa and says she will show her how a boss throws a party and knocks her down then a brawl breaks out as we head to break.

Terrible segment. You can’t really blame the women either as it was awful by design. The crowd was silent for this until Sasha came out as she was clearly the star of the group. And the only good part we saw here too. 

Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax & Emma vs. Sasha Banks & Mickie James & Dana Brooke

This match was made during the break by GM Angle. Alexa has Dana in a chinlock then distracts the ref so Nia can work her over in the corner. Emma tags and gets two with a double underhook suplex before hammering away. She puts Dana in a chinlock then cuts off a tag attempt but misses a kick as Sasha tags in a runs wild. Emma counters a backstabber with a back elbow smash then tries to tag Alexa, who jumps off the apron and leaves. Nia breaks up a pin attempt then Mikcie jumps on her back. Alexa low-bridges Nia then flies out with a plancha while Sasha makes Emma tap to the Banks Statement (3:20) *.

Thoughts: The action was fine but it tells you what they think of Emma in that she got pinned in her return during a match that barely broke three minutes. The whole division hates Alexa now so that will be the central part of the RAW Women’s Division going forward.

The Miz will have to find a partner as they will face Heath Slater & Rhyno. Plus, Corey Graves will have a sitdown interview with Bayley.

We are now shown a video package on Finn Balor. They showed clips of him becoming the first WWE Universal Champion as Cole says he would not be surprised to see him become champion again.

Now, the Corey Graves sit down interview with Bayley is shown. He asks her about what happened at Extreme Rules. Bayley said she has never been in a match before that was designed just to inflict pain and is not here to hospitalize people but rather put smiles on people’s faces. Graves then asks how will that outlook help her against other competitors as Bayley said she did not get to where she is by being someone else and will continue to be who she is and says ever since she started training nine years ago, she wanted to be the best. And despite her recent losses, her goals have never changed and her goal is to walk into WrestleMania 33 as the Women’s Champion. She wants to let the kids know they can achieve their dreams and be who they want before asking Corey for a hug to end the interview as he reluctantly agrees.

If you are going to rehab Bayley’s character, you need to do a lot better than this. They truly damaged her in the fans eyes through some of the worst segments and storytelling I’ve ever seen. It appears they are going to do an underdog story for her leading up to WrestleMania but now its going to be tough getting people to care. 

Heath Slater & Rhyno are in the ring. The Miz comes out with Maryse as we await who will be his partner. Cole said he was told during the break that even Elias Samson turned him down for this match. However, someone wearing the same teddy bear mascot costume from last week rides a tricycle out to the ring. He falls then starts dancing as Miz looks disgusted then The Bear grabs the tag rope as the match is underway.

Heath Slater & Rhyno vs. The Miz w/ Maryse & Bear

Slater nearly rolls up Miz for the win to start. The crowd chants for the bear now as Miz is pissed. Slater refuses a hand shake then blocks a cheap shot and fires away. Slater works the arm before tagging out as Rhyno runs Miz over a few times. Miz pokes Slater in the eye but refuses to tag out. Slater pancakes Miz who crawls to his corner as The Bear tags himself into the match. Slater tries to take off the head but gets slapped a few times. Rhyno comes in and breaks up a bearhug then Miz tags himself into the match and decides to beat the crap out of Bear and yanks off the head but it reveals someone other than Ambrose. Miz is rolled inside by Rhyno then Bear crawls inside as Slater helps him up but he gets hit with a double underhook DDT, very similar to the Dirty Deeds. The bear then unmasks and hits Dean Ambrose, who shoves Miz against the ropes as Maryse gets knocked off of the apron then leaves. Miz looks worried then turns around and runs into a kick and is hit with the Dirty Deeds as Dean places Slater on top for the win (6:28) DUD. After the match, Dean puts the bear mask on Miz and leaves.

Thoughts: The dynamic with the bear was somewhat amusing until he was first revealed to be some schmuck. However, the action was just horrendous. After that, Ambrose coming down and costing Miz the match was inevitable. I wonder if they are heading towards a Miz/Maryse split as this was the second week in a row she stormed off. I assume this leads to another stipulation match at Great Balls of Fire.

We get a video package on the Cesaro & Sheamus vs. Hardy Boyz feud.

Neville vs. Rich Swann is supposed to happen. Swann dances in the ring but Neville attacks him from behind. He takes Swann outside and beats him then rolls him in for the Rings of Saturn. Neville then asks for the mic and lists off Austin Aries, TJP, and now Richard Swann as guys he has put away recently then kicks him out of the ring. He wants to know how many more pretenders he has to destroy before getting the respect he deserves. Neville calls out Akira Tozawa, mentioning people have been talking about him as a potential Cruiserweight Champion and asks him to tread carefully. I guess we are getting Tozawa vs. Neville, which was really the only way they could go at this point. Swann came out of this looking like a clown as he is also someone that has been damaged by WWE Creative.

Charly is now with Cesaro & Sheamus. They talk about studying their opponents as Cesaro pulls out the Hardy Boyz biography as material they used and talk about how they do not set the bar because they are the bar.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows are in the ring waiting for Enzo Amore & Big Cass. This was the match that was supposed to happen last week before Cass was found laid out backstage. However, we see that Cass has been laid out again as Enzo finally runs over to try and help us his partner, who was being tended to by referees. Cass said he got hit with one shot to the back of the head harder than he has ever been hit as they tell Cass he is in no shape to perform. Back in the ring, Gallows & Anderson laugh about how this keeps happening. Enzo comes out with Cass, who is holding his head while a few referees trying to stop him but they fail.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Cass beats on Anderson to start but struggles to stand upright. However, he remains in control and hits a side slam. Cass follows with the Empire Elbow but falls down then struggles to tag out. Anderson shoves Cass outside then Enzo hammers away. Enzo hits a knee lift and knocks Gallows off of the apron but runs into a kick. Cass is on the outside struggling to even stand himself up as his partner gets outnumbered then put away with the Magic Killer (2:28) 1/2*. After the match, they are about to hit Enzo with another Magic Killer but the Big Show comes out for the save as Gallows & Anderson bail. Show then helps us Enzo and pats his back but Cass sees this and is not pleased. Show raises Enzo’s hand then Enzo points at Show, who leaves. Cass steps in and is not pleased with Enzo for talking with Big Show.

Thoughts: The Enzo & Cass Whodunit storyline continues here with Big Show added to the mix.

R-Truth now calls out Goldust for stabbing him in the back and will not let it slide. He then tells Goldust he “gone get got.”

Big Show is walking backstage as Enzo thanks him for helping him out two weeks in a row. He then wants to know if he was the one who has taken out Cass as Show is upset and says he saved Enzo’s ass two weeks in a row then calls out Cass for being SAWFT. Looks like we are building to a Show vs. Cass match.

Mike Rome is backstage with Samoa Joe and asks if tonight changes his strategy heading into his title match. Joe said it played into his plans as this is about actions, not words, as he promises to put Lesnar out with the Coquina Clutch.

Once again, Roman Reigns will announce his SummerSlam plans on next week’s show.

2/3 Falls WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Title Match: Hardy Boyz vs. Cesaro & Sheamus (c)

Matt ducks a Brogue Kick from Sheamus then gets a two count with a bulldog. The Hardy Boyz hit some double-team moves then knock Cesaro off of the apron but Cesaro drags Matt off of the apron as Sheamus boots Jeff hard in the face as he was attempting a float over and scores the pin for the first fall (1:09). We head to break then return with Sheamus working a chinlock on Jeff. Sheamus gets a nearfall with the Irish Curse but Jeff soon comes back and kicks Sheamus to the floor. Sheamus crawls back in to stop the tag but Jeff pushes him off and makes the tag as Matt runs wild on Cesaro with some “delete” chants coming from the crowd. Matt gets two with a tornado DDT then hits Sheamus with an uranage on the apron before heading back inside to hit Cesaro with the Twist of Fate as he ties it up at one fall apiece (8:53). Matt tries another pinfall but Cesaro kicks out at two. He comes off of the top but Cesaro takes him down with an uppercut. Sheamus tags in and then drills Matt with a bicycle knee smash for a two count. Jeff makes the save after a double-team move then Matt blocks a Neutralizer but Cesaro turns that into the Sharpshooter. Matt almost gets the win with a small package then hits a clothesline as both men are down. Both men tag out as Jeff runs wild on Sheamus. He gets two with a jawbreaker then the match breaks down. Jeff gets hit with an uppercut by Ceasro then avoids a corner charge as he heads up top and hits the Swanton Bomb but Cesaro pulls Sheamus outside before the three count. Jeff then heads out to knock down Cesaro and all four men soon brawl outside. The ref is counting then ends up counting out both teams despite the fact they are still fighting as this match ends in a tie (14:28) **1/2.

Thoughts: They hyped this match all show long and it was fine but this finish was really poor. I guess we are getting another match at Great Balls of Fire between these teams.

Final Thoughts: Quite frankly, this show was terrible. Besides the opening segment nothing else here was anything I’d consider good or even newsworthy. Its almost like they gave up over the fact they were going up against Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

We got some bad comedy and long-winded talking segments too. After a great show last week, they followed up with a dud and are hyping Roman Reigns revealing his SummerSlam plans as the hook to watch next week. At this point, Great Balls of Fire looks like it will feature some rematches of what we have seen on Extreme Rules. Another note is that they did not hype up anything for tomorrow night’s “205 Live.”

You can catch the Joe/Lesnar confrontation in clip form and just skip over the rest.