Between the Sheets #99: June 7-13, 1993

Kris & David are joined this week by Tom Green (Dynamite Cup) to discuss the week that was June 7-13, 1993. We talk about WCW’s substance abuse policy leaking to the WON as well as Shane Douglas ripping it in the Wrestling Flyer newsletter. We also discuss the formation of the Masters of the Power Bomb as well as Cactus Jack being Lost in Cleveland with Cathleen White. We then pivot to Japan talking about Jushin Thunder Liger possibly injuring his foot causing booking plans to be changed before moving to AAA possibly coming to Los Angeles and The Undertaker debuting in Memphis. Last, but not least, we go over the first ever King of the Ring pay-per-view. This was a long but hilarious show so don’t miss it!!!


0:00:00 WCW

1:22:19 Eurasia: NJPW, AJPW, ULL, W*ING, AJW, CWA, & WWS

2:07:21 Classic Commercial Break

02:11:52 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game

2;45:35 Mexico: AAA, EMLL, & UWA

3:10:53 Other USA: ECW, SMW, USWA, GWF, Big D, & Potpourri

4:25:22 WWF