Ring of Honor TV Report 6/10/2017

6/10/2017 ROH TV Report

This week’s show comes from Philadelphia with Ian Ricabonni and Colt Cabana on commentary.

The Young Bucks and Hangman Page vs Rappongi Vice (Trent Berretta and Rocky Romero) and mystery partner Chuck Taylor

Romero takes the mic and says that Berretta got a mystery partner without consulting him. Berretta says that he got his real tag team partner, his best friend, Chuck Taylor, who then comes to the ring to a nice reaction.

The Bucks and Page jump their opponents and all six men are brawling. Taylor kicks a charging Page and then dropkicks him out of the ring. Taylor then hits the Bucks and Page with a tope con giro. Taylor guillotines Page on the top rope. Barrette then slingshots in and stomps Page’s face and Taylor gives him a rolling senton. Berretta and Taylor hug as the fans chant “Best Friends”. Romero comes in and gives the Bucks a double hurracanrana. Romero does the repeated clotheslines to both Bucks and then hits them with a double clothesline. Romero then teases dissension with Taylor and Berretta and still this a double clothesline on Matt and Nick. The Bucks then take over on Taylor and Matt gives him a hurracanrana. The Bucks hit a double dropkick on Romero and then a headscissors/dropkick on Berretta. Page then holds Berretta draped from the apron and Nick gives him a rolling senton.

After a commercial break, Romero is reaching for a tag from Beretta but Taylor pulls him off the apron and does the tag. Taylor this clotheslines on the Bucks. Page whips Taylor into the corner but Taylor hits a second rope dropkick. Taylor floats a charging Matt in the corner and throws Nick into him. Berretta tags in and he and Taylor attempt a double-tem on Matt but Nick saves and Matt attempts a float-over cutter. Taylor catches him and lawndarts him into a cutter by Berretta. Page then gives a buckshot lariat to both Taylor and Berretta. Page goes for a superplex on Taylor but Romero pulls him off. Romero goes back-and-forth with Matt and ends up on the floor where Page holds him for a moonsault that hit Page when Romero moves. Romero then this them with a tope suicida. Matt then goes up top for a superplex on Taylor but Berretta gives him a belly-to-back superplex. Taylor give Matt a swanton followed by a running knee-strike by Berretta who then gives Matt a Gotch-Style Piledriver. Berretta picks up Matt for the Strong Zero (cradle back-to-belly piledriver) with the double foot stomp assist by Taylor. Nick then hits a swanton splash on Berretta to break up the pin. Taylor tags in and trades punches with Nick. Taylor gives him Sole Food buy gets knocked out of the ring with a back elbow. Nick superkicks Romero and then gives Taylor a soccer kick from the apron. Berretta attempts a piledriver on the apron but Nick escapes and hits a superkick followed by a German suplex on the apron. Nick then hits a slingshot facebuster on Romero in the ring. Page hits a shooting star shoulder-press on Taylor on the floor. Taylor gives Nick Sole Food on the apron and Matt gives Taylor a DDT on the apron. The Bucks then gives Taylor More Bang For Your Buck. Romero breaks up the pin. Page and the Bucks take turns superkicking Taylor and Berretta blocks a triple superkick. Page hold Berretta who escapes causing Page to take the double superkick. The Bucks hit stereo superkicks to Berretta and Taylor. Romero blocks another superkick on Taylor and takes the double superkick. The Bucks then hit the double superkick on Taylor and go for a Meltzer Driver but Berretta and Romero block Nick. Taylor then gives Matt the Awful Waffle for the pinfall.

An interview is shown with The Kingdom previewing their match next week with The Boys. Matt Taven reminds TK O’Ryan not to get too worked up as last time The Boys got him worked up he broke his leg trying to kick their ass. O’Ryan says he hates them so much because it’s their fault he broke their leg. He says they’re lucky he did because the worst part of their ass-kicking was coming next. Vinny Marseglia says nothing felt better than taking one of The Boys and smashing his head against the ring. Taven says he hopes Dalton Castles comes down because he has a song for him, “I got punched in the face for sticking my nose in other people’s business”. The Kingdom will face The Boys next week on ROH TV.

We get a vignette with Jay White who says it was a big dream of his as a kid to become a wrestler. He says that he left New Zealand for the UK with a backpack and nowhere to stay. He says he went to the training school and that the first time he got in the ring things started to click. One month later he had his first match and called his mother beforehand and told her what he was doing. He talks about the NJPW Dojo and says people tell you stories but nothing can prepare you. He says the year-and-a-half he did there was the hardest of his life but also the most rewarding. It brought him to Ring Of Honor where he went undefeated for six months. He took Jay Briscoe to a time limit draw. He says that at War Of The Worlds he got in the ring with Will Ospreay ad that it irked him that people were surprized he could have a match like that. He calls it a career-defining match. He notes that Punishment Martinez came and jumped them from behind to ruin it. He notes that Martinez jumped him when he beat him and was pissed off. White says he’s pissed off at Martinez and will face him anytime in the ring and that you’ll see a different side of Jay White.

Shane Taylor and Rhett Titus with Caprice Coleman vs Jay White and Jonathan Gresham with Alex Shelley

Taylor and Titus attack White and Gresham in the aisle-way. Taylor and Titus roll them inside but White and Gresham hit tope suicida’s. Taylor charges White who is sitting on a chair but White gets up and drop toeholds Taylor into the chair. Gresham gives Titus a flying headscissors into the guardrail. White then throws Gresham into Taylor and then into Titus. Coleman hits a dropkick on Gresham and then Titus clotheslines Gresham into the guardrail. Titus rolls Gresham inside and Taylor gives him a big splash. White breaks up the pin attempt. Taylor works over Gresham in the corner and then gives him an STO. Titus hits Gresham with a big boot in the corner. Titus gives Gresham a gutwrench powerbomb and a big splash. Titus throws Gresham into the corner and then holds him for a headbutt by Taylor. Taylor then splashes Gresham in the corner as the show goes to commercial.

After the break, Gresham is fighting back but Titus hits him with a dropkick. Titus kicks Gresham into the corner and then he and Taylor slam him into the corner. Gresham dropkicks Taylor in the knee and throws Titus into Taylor. White tags in and unloads on Taylor and Titus with strikes and then uppercuts in the corners. Gresham hits Titus with a stunner and then gives him an enzuiguri into a flatliner by White. White gives Titus a deadlift German Suplex and then tries to bodyslam Taylor. Gresham gives Taylor an enzuiguri and then White bodyslams him. Gresham then gets on White’s back and they cannonball Taylor. White goes up top but Titus crotches him on the turnbuckle. Kenny King then comes in and bodyslams Gresham. Alex Shelley runs as does Chris Sabin to make the save. White then goes up top and hits a plancha onto Taylor, King and Titus on the floor. Shelley takes the mic and says nobody in here wants to see The Rebellion. He challenges them to Search and Destroy vs The Rebellion four-on-four at Best In The World with the losing team having to disband.

Frankie Kazarian is interviewed regarding Hangman Page attacking him with a belt last week. Kazarian says that what scares him is that he likes it and can’t wait to whip him. Yup, he said that.

After a commercial break Jay Briscoe is interviewed regarding last week’s match in which The Boys pushed Dalton Castle out of the way causing Jay Briscoe to get mist blown in his face by Briscoe. He says the reason he got beat is because of The Boys. He says they don’t realize what they’re getting into and that he is going to eat them alive.

ROH TV Title: Marty Scurll (champion) vs KUSHIDA

Kushida offers a handshake and Scurll refuses. They tie up an exchange wristlocks. Kushida grabs a headlock and they criss-cross. Kushida takes him down and does some mat-wrestling. Kushida hiptosses Scurll and dropkicks him. After a commercial break Scurll charges Kushida on the ropes but Kushida kicks him in the chest. Kushida hits a springboard chop and then hiptosses him into a cross armbreaker. Scurll rolls him up. Kushida DDT’s Scurll and goes for a fisherman buster but Scurll gets out and gives him a shoulder-breaker. Scurll hits the ropes but Kushida follows and hits a koppo kick. Scurll rolls outside and Kushida does a plancha but Scurll throws ringside attendants into the dive. Scurll rolls Kushida inside but Kushida hits him with a dropkick. Kushida does a moonsault but Scurll gets his knees up. Scurll foes for a chicken wing but Kushida rolls him up. They start trading elbows, uppercuts and kicks. Scurll kicks Kushida in the knee. Kushida hits a discus forearm and a jumping kick. Kushida does a handspring but Scurll grabs him in a chicken wing. Kushida rolls out of it and grabs a hoverboard lock. Scurll struggles and goes for the ropes. Scurll then snaps Kushida’s fingers. Kushida punches him but Scurll bounces off the ropes with a clothesline. Scurll then works up to the chicken wing and the lights go out. When the lights come on someone is on the apron in Scurll’s Villain outfit. He removes his hat and mask and it’s Adam Cole. Kushida then gives Scurll a tilt-a-whirl DDT and the Back To The Future (small package driver) to get the pinfall and win the match. Kushida wins the TV Title.

The opener was a fun six-man match with everyone shining and Taylor making a really strong debut. I liked the tag match as Gresham, White and Taylor are all fresh characters and are great and Titus fit in well. I think that four-on-four at Best In The World will be fun. The title match was quite good but I think would have been better-served with more time and without the interference. The Adam Cole appearance served his storyline with The Bullet Club well but did take away from the match. This was a very solid episode though.