Where the Big Boys Play #57 – Starrcade 1990: Collision Course


Chad and Parv welcome Brad from Place to Be Nation to review Starrcade 90: Collision Course.

On this show:

[16:12] Wrestling Observer and Torch round up including: Pat O’Connor’s wife vs. Sam Muchnick, various comings and goings including the loss of the Nasty Boys, and *thank God* good riddance to Ole Anderson as booker.

[45:41] Starrcade 90 review including: Jim Cornette’s Christmas poem about Evil Jim Herd, WTBBP “welcomes” back Jack Victory, a wide spectrum of opinion on Steiners vs. Saito and Muta, and *thank God* good riddance to the Black Scorpion.

[02:59:38] End of show awards and question for the listeners: who could have realistically represented Canada in the tag tournament better than Troy Montour and Danny “Bull” Johnson?

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