We’ll Do It Live: CWF Mid-Atlantic

On this inaugural We’ll Do It Live Timothy R. Buechner is joined by the Papa Hales award-winning @JohnPhilapavage from Barbed Wire City fame (and featured on many PTBN Reaction Shows) & Jeremy Bryant (@jbryant025 on twitter), contributor to PWPonderings & PWTorch to talk about the live experience at CWF Mid-Atlantic. The two were just recently at Battlecade but this is not a review of the show so it’s completely spoiler free. They compare the crowd, experience, & feeling of CWF Mid-Atlantic compared to not only modern wrestling but live shows from years gone by. The coup de grace is the recounting of the now infamous photo of shirtless Papa Hales & Brad Stutts. It is unsure whether this will become an ongoing series or a one-off so drink it in while you can!