Welcome to My World


Now a part of the Place to Be Nation, I wanted to share with you a little about myself and my journey to this point.

First, I want to thank you. Thank you for being a fan of Professional Wrestling. Because of you and many more just like you, I’ve been able to work in the industry that I have loved since I was 9. I am just like you, a fan. First and foremost, I work in Professional Wrestling because I enjoy the sport and the art.

Professional Wrestling is the balance between athleticism and showmanship. Life is about balance as well. Balance between family and responsibility, business and personal and fun and work all have to be weighed against the other. Too much of one means the other suffers and leads to an unfulfilling life.

I try my best to balance work and family but it’s tough. My wife has been wonderfully supportive of my choices throughout our 20+ years of marriage. My two sons get it as well. I’m there for them as often as I can be but they understand when I’m away.

On the podcast, “The Kevin Kelly Show”, I’ll talk about Professional Wrestling and heavy dose of Ring of Honor but I also will talk about sports, life, pop culture and politics as well. A big focus of the show will center on the concept of “Finish Strong”, a message I heard at church the last Sunday before 2014.

The message of “Finish Strong” focused on finishing things that you start. Most home improvement projects are left when they are 90% complete. That extra 10% effort, the final push, would get the job completely done.

My take on the message of “Finish Strong” was that I need to finish my life in convincing fashion. I’m 46 and I’m about at the halfway mark. I want to do more things in the remaining years I have on Earth and “Finish Strong”. I have a lot left in the tank and it’s time to go.

So I thank you for joining me in this journey. I hope that the podcast and columns posted here bring balance into your life and if you feel you’ve lacked motivation, lead you to some action.

Kevin Kelly