Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 10/23/2019

Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or informative.

  • Can you draw a perfect circle? Spoiler: no.
  • I heard you like diamonds, so I took your diamond and put it in a diamond.
  • For every interpretive frame film theorists can put on a film, there’s a way to use that frame to illuminate different aspects of that classic cultural touchstone of our times, Michael Bay’s Transformers.
  • US Senator and would-be “reasonable” Republican (as if such a thing could exist) Mitt Romney has a secret Twitter account. This in itself isn’t all that notable, or probably all that unusual; what makes the Romney story just a little bit juicier is that he named his secret alt Pierre Delecto. You can just see Mittens looking up from his phone and chuckling to himself after coming up with that one, can’t you?
  • The Cosmic Crisp is the new sensation in apple breeds, coming to your mouth this December, which invites a fascinating question: just who gets to name apples anyway?
  • This Week in Art History: The first woman known to have painted the last supper is Plautilla Nelli, who painted the gigantic tableau in the 1560s.
  • Alan Oppenheimer, the voice of Skeletor, reads Skeletor memes. Bless the older folks who can play along with meme culture.
  • RIP Roylan Hernandez Diaz, a Cuban man who applied for asylum in the United States and in turn was held by ICE thugs for almost six months before, according to ICE, dying by suicide.
  • You may remember 8-inch floppy disks from WarGames or other pop culture from the early 80s. You may remember them from using them in the early 80s if you’re old/lucky enough…or if you were involved in the US Air Force’s ICBM control infrastructure, which just recently retired the almost 40-year-old hardware.
  • You’ve heard of the town that outlawed dancing, now get ready for the town that’s outlawing Halloween.
  • There are some brave souls who devote their time (and often their mental health) to studying, understanding, tracking, and documenting the resurgent far right — their actions, their endless infighting, the mechanisms of their propaganda. It’s horrifying work, but someone has to do it. Of course, the white nationalists subject to this scrutiny react with death threats.

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