Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 08/24/2016


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  • Brief announcement up top: I’m soliciting questions for a Star Trek mailbag episode of the ol’ Spectacular, so if there’s anything you want to hear us talk about regarding any aspect of anything related to ST, hit up the PTB Facebook or Twitter, my Twitter or Tumblr (links in the bio below), or email questions directly to glennb at We want to hear from you!
  • Finally, the Christian who helped write Uganda’s kill-the-gays law will be tried for crimes against humanity.
  • Kyle MacLachlan explained Dune in a tweet full of emojis. I will admit that I don’t understand emoji-language — it’s kind of like when I was a child in Hebrew school, trying to read Hebrew by sounding out each letter because I wasn’t learning the actual language. (I have by now lost even this level of felicity with Hebrew; I can usually tell which text corresponds to songs I still know by heart because of weekly repetition during childhood, but that’s about it.) You know Muad’dib kept it a hundred, though. Say…can an emoji be a killing-word?
  • This Week in Headlines: Sex Pigs Halt Traffic After Laser Attack on Pok√©mon Teens.
  • Sometimes children ask the most important questions, such as how much of your body’s volume is farts.
  • This Week in Legal Advice, a Chronology: boyfriend abuses girlfriend; girlfriend gives boyfriend one more chance; girlfriend also gives herself an ironclad method of egress from living with or interacting with boyfriend; woman makes use of her plan and her lawyer; dude runs, shocked, to Reddit, where he receives blessedly little succor.
  • This Week in Health Remedies Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know About: consider the healing properties of mummies infused with honey, which mainly have the healing properties of honey (which does have actual medicinal uses) with a dash or more of mummy mixed in (the medicinal qualities of which have been a bit, erm, overstated at various points in history).
  • On the coastlines of Japan, you respect the tsunami stones.
  • It has come to pass, at this time and in this place, that as webcomic has expressed the very essence of my lack of ambition.
  • It’s easy to romanticize the story of Susan Walters, who killed the hitman her husband hired to murder her. It’s easy to make it a story about perseverence, or strength, or the lasting effects of trauma, or the things you might have to fear after leaving a man much more than you would after leaving a woman, or the fact that you should not fuck with nurses. It’s about all of these and more. (Generally speaking, you really should not fuck with nurses, for moral reasons as much as practical ones.)
  • In Cuba, and presumably other places with restricted internet, content bubbles up in the form of thumb drives full of pirated data. Informartion, like life, finds a way.
  • This Week in Human History: evidence of disease transmission between China and the west has been found using crucial historical instruments: two-thousand-year-old sticks covered with ancient fecal matter. Poop archaeology is a beautiful and fascinating field.