Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 07/01/2020

Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or informative.

  • In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re watching scientific studies and scientific consensus come together in real time, and we’re seeing that growing consensus clash with social & cultural forces in real time. Earlier in the pandemic it was recommended that anyone who’d contracted the virus should wear a mask, but that others were safe without one; that turned out to be inadequate, as further study as well as wide-ranging experience showed, and epidemiological recommendations changed. Much emphasis was placed on surface transmission at first, which has been lessened of late. The conclusion to draw about this is that expert recommendations ought to shift if the evidence they’re receiving shifts, not that these are unforgivable flip-flops proving that no one actually knows anything so you might as well go have a beach day with your extended family and friends. Dear choir, I hope you’ve enjoyed my sermon.
  • Meanwhile, North Carolina is hovering in a peculiar position in which face masks may become illegal again in a month. Who even knows. Stay tuned!
  • Also in eminently avoidable dangers: As more restaurants and bars reopen and customers seek relief from the stress of their more homebound months (even those in parts of the US, for instance, where restrictions were inadequate in the first place), we’re going to see more superspreader events like this one in a Michigan bar that’s resulted in at least 85 new cases.
  • You know what, why am I bothering with any of this when we are all going to die?
  • This Week in Cops: What would it be like if cops had to get a real job?
  • This Week in Art: Consider artworks that were never finished because they were abandoned, the artists died, or something else interrupted the work. The unfinished art both humanizes the artists for us and provokes more consideration than most of us usually devote to where meaning lies between an artist’s intention and the artistic object in itself.
  • It’s always exciting to find a nearly pristine example of a heretofore-unknown species captured in a beautiful fossil. Today, cosider the ancient keyboard, immortalized in stone.
  • This Week in Innovative Medicine: EndeavorRx is a medicinal video game designed to help improve focus in children with ADHD.
  • I for one am all in favor of a new kind of retro art movement. We can be fresh, we can be bold, and we can still pay homage to the heritage of art. We can do this. We can bring dazzle camouflage back in our day-to-day lives.