Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 06/25/2014


Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or, occasionally, profound. Do you have a link you want to see featured in next week’s Wednesday Walk? Email Glenn!

  • Sea monsters on old maps are bloody fascinating.
  • Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain, meaning that anyone can make new works with the character or any other aspects of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s contributions without paying his estate. (For what it’s worth, the bit about fanfic at the end of the article is extremely ill-considered — the legal status of fanfic is interesting and a bit murky, but of little import to actual fanfic writers. Nobody’s waiting for Star Trek or The Hunger Games to reach the public domain. Many companies and estates decide not to go after it because the pursuit would be too expensive and would prove alienating to fans.)
  • The Nipple Artist uses the art of tattooing to help breast cancer survivors. (NSFW, for some shots of his work)
  • Last week, thanks in large part to the grit & determination of one awesome woman, the US Patent & Trademark Office came through in a big way in a ruling against the Washington Racists.
  • Friend of the Walk Steve Rogers would like to check in with a cautionary tale about dormant websites: “Many months ago I found this application called Save On Brew that would locate sales on alcoholic beverages. Most likely an aggregation service of stores websites and whatnot. I use it for the first time in many months today and nothing comes up in terms of sales on beer. NOTHING, as if no local stores were selling beer today, or ever. The site looks quite active, or deceptively active I should say, but I go to the link for their Facebook page and it says in the second status update on the page that they ceased operations in late December! Hey, their right, and they said that it just wasn’t a profitable business model, but still, a note on the main page and the application would have been nice!” At least they had a note up somewhere, but really, it should be more of a matter of course to have some notice everywhere you’ve tried to reach people for your ventures. Tsk tsk.
  • RIP Gerry Goffin.
  • The FXFL is a new developmental football league that plans to launch this fall and play a short season, providing a platform for players left in the middle between the college ranks and the NFL.
  • In Russia, there’s a diamond mine a mile wide. You can’t fly a helicopter over it. And the photos are amazing.
  • Continuing our globe-trotting ways, in Cherrapunji, India, people have cultivated living bridges by directing tree roots across rivers.
  • Finland provides a baby starter kit to expectant parents, with great results across its society.
  • Meanwhile in England, Rupert Grint is basically the best.
  • Meanwhile in Irish football (who knew?), defensive lineman Shane McNulty of the Dundalk Mavericks recently secured a 93-yard touchdown. A word, however, for mister number 22: a particularly large member of your team has just sprinted 93 yards — I know you’re happy, but maybe don’t jump on his back?
  • The chain restaurant menu is a carefully-crafted thing.
  • Mechanical watches are still kicking.
  • The stretch Delorean is real. Oh yes, it’s real.
  • The International Space Station will soon have home-brewed coffee.
  • This text conversation is long, but so very, very worth it.
  • From Esquire: toward a ruleset for giving eulogies. It’s a hard thing. It can feel like a selfish thing, since all you really have to go on is the portion of the person’s life that involved you.
  • In our PTB Nation Links of the Week, we in the Movies of the Generation team took up the tasks appointed to us for 1982 and 1983.