Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 06/24/2015


Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or, occasionally, profound. Views expressed in the Wednesday Walk do not necessarily reflect those of anyone but the writer. Do you have a link you want to see featured in next week’s Walk? Email Glenn!

  • RIP Senator Clementa Pinckney, Cynthia Hurd, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Tywanza Sanders, Myra Thompson, Ethel Lee Lance, Susie Jackson, Daniel Simmons, and Depayne Middleton Doctor, murdered last Wednesday by a committed white supremacist.
  • A guy who lives near an airport painted “Welcome to Cleveland” on his roof to welcome people to the metropolis. The punchline is that he’s one of the venerable Steve Wille’s neighbors in Milwaukee.
  • This Week in Fashion: whyyyyyy.
  • At high doses, LSD can give you a very good or a very very bad experience. At tiny doses, maybe it can just help you get through the day with a happier disposition.
  • The original designs for Super Mario Bros., like so many other things, belong in a museum. Or at least a book.
  • Most animals that escape zoos don’t do so for long, except for flamingos.
  • Lots of people died in The Lord of the Rings, and it was metal as hell.
  • Many people recently decided to undergo a search for the person who designed the “jazz” design from all of our old paper cups and plates.
  • Lost airline luggage doesn’t disappear from the face of the earth, it winds up in Alabama, where people can purchase orphaned suitcases. It’s a little amazing there isn’t a show about this on the History Channel yet.
  • Check out a 360-degree panorama of Son Doong, one of the world’s largest caves.
  • There’s this idea that the young folks are so much less racist than their elders that we can basically wait for racism to die out with the old folks. As with almost any social theory simple enough to communicate in one sentence, it’s not quite borne out by research. (Also, to the extent that the long arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, it can only do so because of the tireless efforts of people pulling on it.)
  • The light-up waterslide is such a fantastic and trippy idea that it’s a little amazing that this is the first time I’ve heard of one. Outstanding.
  • Historians and archivists have managed to recover an Apollo engine from the ocean floor.
  • New research is shedding light on the genetic causes of schizophrenia.
  • RIP James Horner, composer of many pieces of music that I and a multitude of fans have connected to deeply.