Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 01/22/2014


  • If you’ve not heard of the SCP Foundation, this introduction does a pretty good job describing the bizarre combination of Lovecraftian horror, body horror, and lighter wackiness. A standard TVTropes-style wiki-hole warning applies.
  • Awesome Invention of the Week: adaptive silverware for Parkinson’s patients using steadicam technology.
  • Wario has some diet advice to offer.
  • Amazing Intricate Art of the Week: get a look at some highly realistic wood carvings.
  • One mother howls into the abyss after the death of her infant from Tay-Sachs. “Howls into the abyss” is a visceral description for visceral feelings and doesn’t reflect the fact that the piece is wonderfully thoughtful and articulate, as we don’t always expect howling into the abyss to be. Warning: this may not be the best reading material for parents of small children.
  • RIP Gary Grimshaw.
  • Artisinal toast has behind it a much more interesting story than you’d think.
  • Culinary photography meets Mini Norman Rockwell.
  • Fun times when you’re in college: summarize your projects lol my thesis style.
  • Fill a pendulum with paint for all of your plate decorating needs.
  • Year-End Lists, Still: RIP all the satellites we lost.
  • Jason Krowe wants us to let out our inner psycho.
  • Social scolds have always been worried about the same things; technology just allows them to show it in different ways every generation or so. The latest example: booty calls in 1910.
  • Many ants suffered and died, that we may see what their colony looked like.
  • Watch ads hide a dark underbelly. If there’s one thing you learn from the Wednesday Walk Weblink Consortium, let it be: everything hides a dark underbelly.
  • Our PTB Nation Link of the Week sees Jordan Duncan assemble his Ultimate Royal Rumble, which I must take issue with as I’m certain The Birdman Koko B. Ware was in multiple Rumbles, yet Jordan does not seem to realize this.

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