Wednesday Walk Around the Web – 01/15/2020

Welcome to the Wednesday Walk Around the Web, where we weave & wind through weblinks weekly. Hopefully you will find the links on offer amusing, interesting, or informative.

  • The earliest roasted vegetables yet found are 170-thousand-year-old potato-yam-like thingys that I bet went great with some garlic butter to really round out that paleo diet I’ve heard so much about.
  • Reality shows often leave paths of destruction in their wake, with pathetic, broken things struggling to move forward, sometimes into new reality shows of their own. For this abandoned Pimp My Ride castoff, the intervening years have been hard and lonely.
  • Also in auto body horror, if you’re nomadic by nature and just feel like school and work are real drags, man, maybe try turning an old school bus into an RV and taking off into the world.
  • Notakto is a variation on tic-tac-toe which you lose by getting three in a row. Bust it out at your next party.
  • Even after the field pf paleontology has been around for as long as it has, and as many people have gone hunting for fossils and bones as they have, the hunt is still on.
  • This Week in Food Science: This investigation of various methods of softening butter concludes that the best, most fun, and most catharfic method is simply to bash the hell out of it. I’m glad the writer didn’t wind up recommending that you leave it out at room temperature, since for me to leave a stick of butter out in my kitchen until it’s workable and spreadable, I’d have to leave it out until May.
  • The Nanny is BACK, BAY-BEE, this time as a stage musical. There had better be literally one hundred costume changes for the lead actress. Costume designers can smell the Tony already.
  • In addition to bringing joy and connection to countless people, Pok√©mon Go can also be credited with disrupting and flummoxing military forces, always a worthwhile endeavor.
  • Different people have different relationships to our place in the cosmos. Some invest energy in faith, some seek to understand on a material level, some simply gaze into the inky black above and below in quiet contemplation. But mostly we send mixtapes into space.

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