Thoughts I Think… Following Survivor Series 2015


  • I don’t really get it. After building up Roman Reigns for this moment for over twelve months, they back out at the last minute and had Sheamus immediately cash in Money in the Bank and steal the title from him. For a moment, I thought they may do the right thing and have Reigns survive that challenge to really establish him as the top guy, but they didn’t. And now they took yet another potential high level star and tossed him back into the pot with everyone else. I don’t even know if Reigns could be THE guy, but with a dearth of bankable stars they need to take some legitimate shots at making one. Survivor Series just put Reigns solidly into the “choker” category and unless he runs through Sheamus in a fairly immediate rematch, he is going to have a tough time gaining that momentum back. And if not, who is the Bret Hart to his Lex Luger come 2016?
  • Dean Ambrose had a good start to his night with a great match and win over Kevin Owens. The fans love him. He works hard. He gets it. He could be a potential star for them too. However, losing in nine minutes to Reigns moments before Reigns gets pasted by Sheamus doesn’t really help his cause either. I am glad he didn’t turn heel but at some point, somebody has to be pushed above the rest of the pack because the old guard is quite faded at this point and the John Cena train seems to be leaving the building sooner than later as well.
  • And speaking of Cena, PTBN will have a contingent live in the house for TLC so it is lining up to a fun night either way, but I just have a hard time seeing Sheamus making it out of Boston with the title on his waist. In no way is he a viable option to headline any sort of match for WrestleMania and whoever is that option should probably have a decent amount of momentum leading into Dallas. There is one guy who always seems to do well in Beantown… does he come back early from his vacation to steady the ship?
  • Shit timing for poor Cesaro, as it seems like whenever he is maybe turning the corner from a booking standpoint, something happens that kills his momentum. I am certainly not in the “Cesaro is Buried” camp as I believe the guy is doing pretty damn well all things considered. But, when you look at the landscape and who is now champion, you have to wonder if he would been thrust into the mix at all. Especially since he beat Sheamus in the tournament a few weeks back.
  • Last week, I gave WWE a little credit for being ballsy with the Paige/Charlotte stuff but now I think it was all quite a waste. The ladies had a fine match last night but Charlotte wasn’t exactly extra aggressive and it wasn’t much of a brawl, which it should have been based on the build. Paige was dispatched and everything will be washed away. If you are going to take that road, at least make it count. Now they look like bigger assholes that did it for the sake of doing it.
  • Where do you go now with the Wyatt Family? You sacrificed them to give Undertaker his well deserved anniversary moment, but they feel so aimless despite being reinvigorated by their reunion. Who is out there for them to go to war with at this point? Reigns and Ambrose need to stay away from them. Cesaro is hurt. Dolph Ziggler has other stuff going on with Tyler Breeze. Does someone come from NXT? Or how about Ryback? Could keep him occupied there for a few months.
  • I think a Kevin Owens/Goldust mini-feud for the IC title could be a lot of fun.
  • Andy Dalton still sucks when it matters most. Not a surprise the Bengals took another loss on Sunday night. With the way the top of the AFC is shaping up, they may have punted their chance for a first round bye. And based on their history, that isn’t a good thing.
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  • I may be back here with a few more thoughts depending on what goes down on Raw, but if not, have a great Thanksgiving! It is one of the best weeks of the year and we have a ton of great content for you to enjoy at PTBN!

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