Between the Sheets #18: November 17-23, 1991 with Pete Stein


Kris & David are joined by Pete Stein (Death Valley Driver Video Review) to discuss the week that was November 17-23, 1991. We discuss Randy Savage getting bitten by a snake, Atsushi Onita crying over All-Japan, the ULTIMATE Dragon, Ricky Steamboat returning to WCW, and the formation of the Dangerous Alliance. A very fun entertaining show so again a must listen!!!!!!

0:00:00 WWF
0:47:55 Japan: AJPW, FMW, NJPW, & AJW
1:17:38 Mexico: EMLL & UWA
1:41:13 Other USA: GWF, Potpourri, & USWA
2:02:26 WCW

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