This Week in Wrestling Indys & International: 5/14/17

Pete and Timothy have a really fun show.

1. TJ McAloon joins us early on to discuss a loaded Inspire Pro Show called License To Death Wish 5/28/17. We discuss the card and the talent involved.
The card:…17-in-austin/
2. PWX Enter the Dragon
-Analysis of the show.
-Comparisons to this main event to the Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros from Crash.
-James Drake continues to impress.
3.. CWF Episode 1 of Battlebowl
-We discuss the show in depth.
-Booking of Cain Justice vs Cecil Scott
-Presentation of new talent.
4. NXT
-Segment by segment breakdown
-Pete Dunne vignette and what it possibly means.
-Love is shown to Itami vs Strong.
5. Progress Ch 47
-We analyze the show
-A lot of love is thrown here. Hear what we say.