Between the Sheets #95: May 10-16, 1992

Kris & David discuss the week that was May 10-16, 1992. We are quickly joined by Steven Prazak to discuss his thoughts of Bill Watts joining WCW and his entire run there which was interesting because he was a “notorious” regular at the Center Stage shows. We then talk proper about the Watts hiring and Dave Meltzer’s thoughts at the time about it which are highly interesting. We also talk about the Japanese scene featuring PWFG & RINGS running big shows then we talk about the scene in Mexico featuring the debut of AAA and how they changed the business forever there. We also talk about the upswing in Memphis with a great Eddie Gilbert/Jerry Lawler clip, we also talk about FMW coming to Los Angeles & Tijuana for a couple of wild shows before closing with WWF with the sex scandal looming large as well as steroids. This is a STACKED show so listen ASAP!!!!



0:00:00 Steve Prazak on Bill Watts in WCW

0:22:04 WCW

1:53:06 Japan: AJPW, PWFG, RINGS, & Oriental Pro

2:08:49 Classic Commercial Break

2:13:24 Housekeeping & The Amazon Game

2:55:43 Latin America: AAA, EMLL, UWA, & WWC

3:26:41 Other USA: UWF, USWA, GWF, FMW/WWA, Portland, & Potpourri

5:06:44 WWF


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