This Week In Wrestling for October 17, 2015


Pete, Steven & Johnny kick it to this week in wrestling.

In the first fall (2:30) we start off with the NWA Classics match this week involved Dusty Rhodes/Junkyard Dog vs Ted DiBiase/Kamala in a Double Bull Rope/Double Dog Collar match. We follow that up with ROH TV, the first night of the 2015 BOLA and end it off with a discussion on EVOLVE and the WWE’s relationship.

The second fall (1:09:23) is all about NJPW’s King of Pro Wrestling show.

The third and final fall (1:29:25) starts off with talk of NXT which somehow veers into a discussion on soap operas. We follow that up with Table for 3 with Sting/Vader/DDP and end the show talking Raw.