The Dish on Walt Disney World

My husband and I recently spent several days at Walt Disney World. We have gotten into the habit of doing things for our anniversary, but not on our anniversary. In past years we have gone to some pretty amazing concerts, always in August. Our anniversary is in October. This year we got a bit closer and planned a vacation in September. Walt Disney World has resort and dining discounts in September so we decided that would by far be the best time to go. Who doesn’t love discounts?! I have been to Disney World several times but my husband has only once. When I was 6 and visited Disney World, it was all about meeting all of the characters. When I went at age 15, it was all about the rides; the faster, the better. Going as an adult? Oh, yeah! It was all about the food. Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast riding rides, saw some amazing sights, and even met a lot of characters. But the food! I’m still talking about it today!

We used a dining plan, so we paid $500 up front and used our magic armbands at every restaurant to pay for our meals. It was like using a prepaid credit card, but we never ran out of money. We aren’t entirely sure if we saved any money, but it was worth it based on convenience. Also, since we had already paid for it, we got what we wanted and didn’t even look at prices of food. The plan we got included one snack, one quick service, and one table service; per person, per night. The only quick service we got that was not at our resort (POP Century) was at the Be Our Guest Restaurant. So that’s where I’ll start. But first, I am not a professional food photographer so the pictures aren’t as perfect as they could be. Taking pictures of my food is not something I’m in the habit of doing. Second, we ate supper about 2-3 hours later than we were used to. So, as you will see, sometimes I forgot to take a picture before I began eating. Oops!

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