The Best of PTBN: Celebrating our Second Anniversary

Place to Be Nation was officially launched on June 1, 2013 and here we are, two years and over 3,400 posts of audio and written pieces later, celebrating our second anniversary. Bolstered by an extremely dedicated staff, we’ve accomplished a ton over the last two years as we’ve grown from a smaller pop culture site centered around a couple wrestling podcasts to what we are today. I’m most proud of the relationships we’ve fostered, with places like Pro Wrestling Only, Graham Cawthon’s History of WWE, Scott Keith’s blog and The Kevin Kelly Show being featured on, to the actual friendships grown out of working together for two years on a creative venture that everyone has been invested in seeing succeeding. And in what was maybe my biggest goal, we succeeded in creating a P2B culture for watching, reading and enjoying sports, comics, wrestling etc. that steered away from snark and stereotypical negativity. Our attitudes and passion reflect this in everything we produce here at Place to Be Nation.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the last two years. Thank you for listening to the many shows on our two great audio feeds. Thank you for voting in our extremely popular tournaments. Thank you for taking a deep dive in our long form pieces that span from social issues in comic books to Star Trek to star ratings in wrestling matches. Thank you for becoming part of our group via social media and for sharing everything you’ve enjoyed with your friends and family. Finally, thank you to our diligent staff of writers, editors, marketers, and friends. This was impossible without you.

To celebrate, over the coming weeks we’ll be highlighting “The Best of PTBN”, a collection of select pieces from each staff member or show for you to either explore and enjoy for the first time, or maybe re-visit or share with someone who would be interested. You can find all those pieces, and we’ll be adding more throughout the week, here.