Talk’n Pop #16: Hostful; Summer Daze

Jenny and Tim take a break from grilling/exploiting subjects all across the Nation for a rare guest-less edition of Talk’n Pop! Join us for a wellness check during the first half of the show, wherein the hosts do the unburdening for a change. Jenny recounts recent travails, including parenting on ultra hard mode, social media frustrations, and seasonal adjustment challenges. Speaking of which, we then cast our gaze down memory lane, recounting stories of summers past through fond childhood traditions. THRILL TO: Tim’s extended oversharing segment, Tales of the Rappahannock Redneck Riviera! Featuring trailer park adventures, white trash soap opera, somewhat unique family values, awkward age interactions, prodigious substance abuse, accidental golf cart abuse, ruptured bursa sacs, and somehow, still managing to feel wistful about this dysfunctional and debauched era of early adulthood. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.
Pull up a lawn chair to revel in the agony of memory. You might even stumble into some unprofessional advice along the way. Or at least a bonus offensive drink recipe! Talk’n Pop in the summertime is sizzlin’ like a live wire.

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