SPACE CITY! – An NWA on Demand Podcast 2-15-17

Pete and Johnny rebrand the podcast and it’s on. -Space City! An NWA ON Demand Podcast 2/13/17. This week brings us some incredible uploads this week.

1. Chavo Guerrero vs Kengo Kimura 10/3/80
-We share our memories of Chavo Classic.
2. Missy Hyatt vs Dark Journey LJM 12/26/86
-Poor Missy Hyatt
3. Bruiser Brody vs Ken Patera 9/4/81
4. Elimination Match 9/4/81
5.Nick Bockwinkel vs JYD 5/22/82
-Is this another feather in Bock’s claim to the GWE crown?
6.Terry Gordy vs Steve Williams 12/26/86
7. Harley Race vs Terry Funk 7/1/77
-A total Holy Grail
-The only known footage of a complete title match between the 2.
-Is this the greatest NWA title match ever to make tape?