PTBN’s Clotheslines & Headlines #18: WWE Financials, Elimination Chamber, Smackdown, Ring of Honor’s Shake Ups, CHIKARA & More!

On this episode of PTBN Clotheslines & Headlines, Steve Wille, Nate Milton, Glenn Butler and a series of special guests run through the latest in the world of wrestling! The following topics were discussed in this episode:

  • WWE Financials: Brandon Howard (
    • How does Network revenue and profit compare to the PPV model?
    • Is there a need to change on-screen product if company is succeeding financially?
    • Drawing power of individual superstars
  • WWE
    • Elimination Chamber recap
    • Smackdown’s increased use of women’s wrestling
    • Changing of the guard at top of the card
  • Ring of Honor: Brad Woodling
    • Roster and office personnel in flux
    • State of independent wrestling contracts
    • Bullet Club Japan vs. Bullet Club USA
    • Season 16 Finale Recap
    • National Pro Wrestling Day
    • A secret season?
    • Can any other company pull off time-jump storylines?
    • The Eye of Tyr, Introductory Course

So, join the conversation but be sure to avoid the lariat on this edition of PTBN Clotheslines & Headlines!

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